Norton internet security check

  xxxyyyxxx 19:55 28 Jun 2004

Just out of interest, being a relative novic but never-the-less interested, has anyone else ever been onto the symantec update site for Norton and run the security scan only to be told you are at risk.

Norton 2004 is fully up to date, all bits are turn on with my firewall on high, with active X disables as a result. Yet when you do the scan it tells me it didn't work properly as active X wasn't enabled..

Given Norton disables this at the higher levels I'm protecting myself I thought.. yet it still thinks I'm at risk...

What's it all about.. is that test just a load of rubbish!!??? given I have all the updates how can I be at risk from trojan horses and from hackers?

  hugh-265156 20:05 28 Jun 2004

did you install the 'symantec security check utilities active x control' when prompted ? you need this for the scan to work properly.

  chugby 20:08 28 Jun 2004

think this might relate to the activeX that Symantec requires and downloads to do the securityscan.

  R4 21:04 28 Jun 2004

You probably don't need your Norton IS set to high if your are on a stand alone PC, Medium settings should be adequate, with all ports set to stealth.

you will stil require to have a spy cleaner etc like spy sweeper from :- click here
and Spybot search and destroy from:- click here

You can also sheck how safe your PC is at 'Shields up' :- click here as well as the Norton site.

  xxxyyyxxx 16:58 30 Jun 2004

When I clicked on test secuirty it never asked me to download anything. It just went to the test screen where the bar slowly works it way along.

It then reported the errors.

I do use spy bot and search & destroy to get rid of unwanted spy ware.

Also it does also say some of my ports remian open, rather than on stealth or closed. Is it up to Norton to close them or can I do it manually...

  hugh-265156 17:29 30 Jun 2004

you should have been prompted to install this active x control if its the first time you performed an online scan. if however you have ran it before and not cleared your browser cache and files since the last scan then it will still be on your system so you wont be prompted again.

the scan wont run unless you have this installed so you must have it. do you just use norton firewall or do you also have the AV? the online scan will show a warning if you dont have its AV product installed even though you do use a third party AV such as AVG antivirus, just ignore it if thats the case.

it may help if you post the exact problems the online scan reports please?

click here click here may be some use to you

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:34 30 Jun 2004

A home user has no chance of being hacked. Just make sure that your AV and firewwall are up to date and don't bother with the myriad of gormless 'security' tests.


  xxxyyyxxx 16:45 06 Jul 2004

I ran the check and it said it needed active X and java enabled to do the check properly. But when I ran it again it reported an error and told me to try again later. I will try with personal fire wall droped to medium so active X will run without warning and java is enabled.

It did also say I was at risk from trojan horses. In the detailed summary all ports were closed or on stealth except port 80 which remians open. It does say this should be closed... My windows update and norton are fully up to date still.

How do I close it?? Why does this port remain open. I do not run or host any web sites or services. All I do is dial up...

If you guys do have nay answers that would be useful..

  chugby 21:03 09 Jul 2004

do you have internet explorer 6, remember I did have a problem with norton security check until I updated.

do you have more than one modem? could check device manager.

  xxxyyyxxx 22:50 09 Jul 2004

I do have explorer version 6.0. I have 1 modem card with ethernet now on broad band. That has helped a bit now.

I now have a few ports open, including port 80. Should all ports be closed or on stealth? If they should any ideas why they might not be and how to rectify?

Thanks for the advice by the way...

  Gaz 25 22:54 09 Jul 2004

They should all be stealth - but its evident that Norton is leaving ports open.

once I had to create specific rules to protect myself.

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