norton internet security

  cooked cow 19:47 10 Nov 2005

hi i've just purchased a new pc with norton security 2005 pre-installed but not activated,i also purchased n/s i activate 2005 then unistall it or activate 2005 and then install 2006? thanks

  ade.h 20:57 10 Nov 2005

Neither. Uninstall it now and use some decent free alternatives instead. I recently removed NAV from a notebook before it was activated, so NIS should also be removable in this state, notwithstanding any issues that NIS may well have with being uninstalled.

Run CCleaner afterwards click here

Then pick from any of the usual supects; Avast and Kerio would be a good combination. Kerio is a thirty-day trial but reverts to the free version after that, which is very nearly as good and all you need. Then add Ad-aware and/or MS Anti-spyware.

  ade.h 20:59 10 Nov 2005
  ade.h 21:00 10 Nov 2005
  Sans le Sou 21:55 10 Nov 2005

A lot of people slag off Norton but I have used several versions without incident and it always uninstalled flawlessly. If it were possible to take the 2006 back from where you got it providing it was unopened it is possible you might be able to exchange it for something else and use the 2005, as it is already installed by the PC vendor. Out of interest what computer have you purchased.

  Sans le Sou 22:02 10 Nov 2005

Put the 2006 in a draw, use the2005 and next year when the subscription runs out put in the 2006.

  wots it all about 23:10 10 Nov 2005

Just to add my two penny worth, I have always had nuffin but trouble with Norton, and always recommend removing/uninstalling it and replacing with a free one, as suggested. I find it too invasive, and system resource hogging.
CCleaner has an uninstall tool to do the job as well as any other.

  wee eddie 23:44 10 Nov 2005

It only missed once, when I downloaded something in a mail from my daughter in '96 or '97, and it did warn me.

Personally, I can accept a PC that takes 2 to 3 minutes to boot or close down.

I enjoy picking my nose, rearranging my hair, making coffee - whatever. I am sure that I will have a problem at some time in the future. I am equally sure that it will be solved.

I know it's not free, but neither an I.

  Sans le Sou 00:36 11 Nov 2005

Well I have NIS2004 and the comp shuts down in 7 seconds, takes a bit longer when dumping files etc, but not much longer.

  cooked cow 20:16 12 Nov 2005

hi sorry for not responding to you on the 10/11
i could not get connected,thanks for the advice.

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