Norton Internet Security 2008

  jonboy1 19:55 04 Dec 2007

Having had Norton's Internet Security suites from 2006, my subsciption for IS 2007 was about to expire end of November 2007, instead of updating the subsciption for IS 2007 I decided to purchase IS 2008. As the format had changed slightly I decided to download the free 15 trial of IS 2008 prior to purchasing it. When the installation of the 15 day trial asked me to register I initially input my previous registration details, this came back with error advising that the password and email address was already in use..I then input a new registration with different PW, I again got the same error message and advised that my subsription had expired and to change my email address....I emailed Symantek with the problem over a week ago, I had an auto reply saying my query would be answered in 24 hrs. Two days later after no response from them I emailed again...still no response, emailed again...still waiting... Does anyone know please how I can register IS 2008 without changing my email address...which is obviously not possible. If the 15 day trial will not let me register then I do not want to spend £50 on the package...
Many thanks for reading

  birdface 20:08 04 Dec 2007

Shop around you will probably get it cheaper.Delete it,Run Norton Removal tool. Then Run C Cleaner.Download Norton from the Internet and add the keycode.

  jonboy1 20:14 04 Dec 2007

Hi buteman, many thanks for your quick reply..however I have done as you suggested, i.e. deleted the program twice with Norton Removal tool, I then deleted the 15 day trial and downloaded again and ran the program...the same message appeared asking me to change my email address..I do not want to purchase the full program from Internet or elsewhere if I cannot register the program without changing my email address..
Thanks again,

  birdface 21:55 04 Dec 2007

If you ran the Removal tool then ran C Cleaner,The only other thing that I can think of trying would be start search,type in Symantic,And remove any signs of it .Also do the same Type in Norton and remove any signs of it.If anything found run C Cleaner again,Then try and reinstall it.You did use the latest removal here Thats the trouble with Norton it's easy to install and hard to remove.The only reason it would not let you install the new one is your password and e-mail address were still being used by the old one,So obviously the removal tool did not work.Try again then search to see if anything left behind.

  birdface 23:43 04 Dec 2007

Fairly cheap here and if you search further you can get it even cheaper.I think Nod 32 is taking a lot of Norton customers away from them.I have not found the 14 day free trial yet.Is it just for new customers or for anybody.

  jonboy1 16:11 06 Dec 2007

Hi buteman, many thanks for all your help, I d/loaded latest c cleaner, deleted all Norton stuff again, ran c cleaner and can now run the Norton IS 2008 15 day free trial prior to purchasing the full package..However after all this hassle with Norton and the fact they haven't bothered to reply to my many emails etc.. I think I will now buy the Kaspersky IS 2008 suite...after all it has better reviews.
Don't know if you have found the 15 day free trial yet from Symantek but it is here:
click here
Many thanks again,

  birdface 16:27 06 Dec 2007

Glad you found out how to do it.Unfortunately I don't like Norton even if I got it free.Good luck with Kaspersky.Remember to tick the little Square and press resolved.

  phil.s 19:14 18 Apr 2008

I installed a 60 day free trial earlier this week.

When you are asked for your details just click next 2 or 3 times and it eventually allows you to skip this stage.

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