Norton Internet Security 2005 vs AVG AntiVirusFree

  acsmanhtml12 14:23 29 Oct 2006

Which one is better. My 2004 subscription is running out and have not got any other option ither than renew or get AVG AntiVirus Free. Which one is better? I want one with real time protection and as I have broadband one that will always check for viruses. I know that AVG doesn't do spam with it;s Anti Virus but that doesn't n=mater as I use hotmail. Will AVG (if chosen) work with Kerio WinRoute firewall. Also as I am a multi tasker it needs to be fast!!

  Stuartli 14:25 29 Oct 2006

An alternative is Avast!

click here

  acsmanhtml12 14:27 29 Oct 2006

thats out of the question. I hate it!! Oh yeah. It's against Norton 2006 and AVG now

  Hertz Van Rentyl 14:37 29 Oct 2006

Used to be a big fan of Norton (NIS2004) but lately caused no end of trouble with my wireless connection, was always connected but the icons were telling me otherwise and was sometimes "Waiting for IP address" for ever. As it had nearly expired I loaded AVG free edition and have had no more problems, partnered with Sygate individual firewall as Kerio caused long shutdowns and Zone alarm kept booting IE6 offline.
Obviously this is only my personal configuration and different combinations may well be fine on other machines

  birdface 14:47 29 Oct 2006

Hedging my bets on this one,Had Norton Internet Security 2005, Had that mutch bother with it I got rid of it, I have had AVG on my computer now for about 6 weeks, Not picked up as much as a cookie,I Hear the 2007 version of Norton is a lot better, So you have a choice Pay for 1,or get one free,i Have heard that if you have Norton 2006, You get a free upgrade to 2007,Dont know if that applies to you or not,

  acsmanhtml12 14:47 29 Oct 2006

is sygate free

  GEEKSTA 14:51 29 Oct 2006

my opinion? I prefer AVG FREE, thats what im using on all my computers! and easy to use.

  Jak_1 14:54 29 Oct 2006

I have AVG coupled with sygate, both are free.

  Carafaraday 15:09 29 Oct 2006

I have AVG free (just updated to new version today) plus Zone Alarm free and have so far had no problems with broadband connection.

  Jimmy14 15:14 29 Oct 2006

Get Norton Internet Security 2007 and then you will know what anti-virus protection online and extra features are all about.

  >steve< 15:23 29 Oct 2006

i have been using avg free for 2 years before that i used norton av i allso used sygate with avg but it was not as easy to is solid if know exactly what what to allow and what knot to allow but if you whant ease i would go for avg and zone alarm as i say i have used these products for a long time and never had a problem with either.good i allso like spyware terminater whitch is allso free and as realtime protection.

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