Norton Internet Security 2005 unable to uninstall

  Plymptonian 16:01 04 May 2005

Norton Internet Security 2005 is causing problems. Unable to open the programme and instead get message that Symantec Integrator has experienced a problem and that it must close. Unable to re-install NIS2005 as message come sup saying set up exe has experienced a problem and mus close. Cannot uninstall NIS2005 from Control Panel as again message stating set up exe has a problem appears. Now stuck as Office programmes cannot open as Norton crashes while doing virus scan. And before anyone says so I know that it was a bad buy but it is not on my machine. Symantec website is not a lot of use and it costs £18 per incident to get phone help.

  Diodorus Siculus 16:43 04 May 2005

Any chance of a system restore to before the problem?

  Pooke100 17:18 04 May 2005

click here

try an online AV scan ^

You might find something horrible on your PC messing with Norton.

  kyprosman 17:19 04 May 2005

You'll need SymNRT.exe from click here= it is a very handy/useful tool. Andy.

  Plymptonian 17:20 04 May 2005

I should have added that it is in use in an office and the secretary had just installed XP Professional as an upgrade from Windows ME. All documents are backed up. Windows XP runs fine and there are no other problems. Norton now crashes and I cannot re-install or un-install it.
We would have to go back to Windows ME.

  Plymptonian 17:27 04 May 2005

SymNRT.exe is probably what I need and maybe rnisupg.exe. I will also try the on-line scan to see if there any nasties lurking which has slipped through.

The office is closed tomorrow because of the elction so Friday morning is the earliest I can try these out. Will post a message with the outcome.

Thanks for your help.

  Plymptonian 14:48 10 May 2005

SymNRT.exe did the trick. Found the trojan LowZones on the computer. Norton refused to delete it and would not run in Safe mode. Ran Spybot and found a few other problems and after that the trojan had gone. System all ok now.
Thanks for your responses

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