Norton Internet Security 2003

  fredj 17:23 31 Oct 2003

I am running Windows XP Professional and Norton Internet Security 2003 on a home-based desktop. I have disabled the Windows Firewall in favour of Norton.

Although I have disabled ?Scan Outgoing Email? in Norton AntiVirus my outgoing Emails in Outlook Express are still being scanned for when I am sending, a Symantec Information Box appears at the bottom right corner of the screen advising it is scanning and provides a progress indicator. What can I do to stop scanning outgoing Emails

Also, I have Automatic Live Update enabled in both Internet Security and AntiVirus but it is not working and I have to Update manually. How can I persuade Automatic Live Update to work?

  3Toed 17:37 31 Oct 2003

Have you?-Under the options tab,and internet security tab and live update tab,have you got monitor updates for -personal firewall and intrusion detection AUTOMATICALLY selected,with automatically update my protection checked?Your other question i cannot answer,but did wonder why you wish not to scan outgoing email-surely this would protect your recpient to?

  accord 18:26 31 Oct 2003

why would you not want to scan outgoing emails?

  3Toed 16:29 03 Nov 2003

3 days and counting-Coutesy goes a long way

  3Toed 16:30 03 Nov 2003

Spell checkers do to.Any chance of ticking resolved on this?

  buzz 19:24 03 Nov 2003

why would you wan't to scan outgoing e/mails when you know they don't have any bugs in them because you know your sys is clean and you haven't put any in ?????? it just take up time before sending them.

  3Toed 19:59 03 Nov 2003

Buzz,you must be the only person with a Pc that can confidently say you are never going to send a virus to anybody because quote-'you know your sys is clean and you haven't put any in'?You can never say that.The very reason why you have scanning of 'outbound'email is because you can never be sure you are not sending a virus.Even virus scanners dont catch them all,but at least stop known ones,so how can you say that.Granted it takes a little longer,and i understand there may be costs involved,but what cost for not scanning-your choice,but unfortunately not the recipients.

  accord 23:21 03 Nov 2003


Im with you on this one, it takes seconds to scan an outgoing email, and hours to sort out a virus problem.

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