Norton Internet Security

  Diggory 20:07 23 Sep 2004

Grateful if anyone could explain bit more about the answer in Nov helpline for security – the one about Norton and the really, really, really annoying pop up messages [see page 155].
I get exactly the same and it drives me bonkers + couple of times I have not read pop-up properly and clicked “permit” to create a new firewall rule; oops [restore default settings].

If you do what the PCA answer suggests [turn off the notification of access control alerts] what happens – is everything blocked by default ? I sometimes get pop-ups requesting me to permit or reconfigure – what will happen to these.



  Dorsai 20:25 23 Sep 2004

When i get such a message i click 'block' and ticke the box 'dont notify me again' so that way norton blocked the attempted access, does it again next time, but just does not tell me.

  Diggory 10:19 26 Sep 2004

Yep I do the same & it helps but I get so many new alerts where previous rule[s] do not apply. Have just had a look in my log file for alerts - 248 make that 250 [just had two more] since 30/08.

& now 251 ......


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