Norton Internet Secty conflict w/ wireless network

  lonestar 22:14 05 Jan 2005

Has anyone else (besides me) had any difficulty with NIS conflicting with setting up or running a wirless network?

  pinfog1 22:39 05 Jan 2005

I'v ehad a few wasted days trying to get w'less networking to work.

I tried for hours the other day and gave up. Then when I switched the machine on later - it found the wireless network and it was all so easy.( avoid older cards with AMD177 chipsets unless you really know your stuff- I gave up on them but others can be a hassle).

Norton Internet security caused me big problems with Learn Direct, T-mobile and Loot - blocking pop-ups and java (Ithink - I don't use it anymore)

I'd rather use AVG (lovely, easy new i/face), AdAware and Zone Alarm but, if you're sticking with NIS - get into your options and switch it off till you've got your connection working (watch out 'cos it will reload every time you re-start etc).

(Don't know about anyone else, but I find renaming/replacing old networks never seems to work first time round - or even 2nd attempt..

Good luck!

  LeadingMNMs 22:41 05 Jan 2005

Most firewalls will normally block internal network traffic by default, whether the network be wired or wireless.

I have not used Norton, so I cannot give you any specific guidance, however there is likely to be somewhere for you to enter IP addresses that you want to allow through the firewall.

  lonestar 09:00 06 Jan 2005

thanks, guys.

  scooby43 09:44 06 Jan 2005

what sort of error messages or problems do you receive. I have a wireless network and running NIS works fine.

  lonestar 16:18 06 Jan 2005

Have a wireless PCMCIA card, which says it has limited or no connectivity whenever I log on to the network. In fact, it has no connectivity. This does not repair (under that option), though shows that the card is working normally.

  scooby43 17:30 15 Jan 2005

maybe you have a faulty card

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