Norton and Internet problems

  Linton2 07:29 03 Jun 2004

I have been having problems with Norton on my computer at home. When I do a live update, it doesn't update properly and then after a while, I get a message saying that my viruses aren't up to date.

The past couple fo nights I have also been unable to get onto the Internet. My computer dials up and connects without any problem but I get when I try to go on the Internet, I get a message talleing me that the server can't be found.

The first night this happened, I was eventually able to get into the Internet. Last night I couldn't.

I have tried to uninstall Norton and reinstall it, but I can't seem to fully unisntall Norton, which means when I try to install it again, it won't let me.

I'm going crazy. Can anyone help?

  billbod 07:39 03 Jun 2004

Try the symantec site mate .Think theres a page on how to completely uninstall nortons.Theres also an application called symKBfix look that it and it may clear your problem good luck

  Linton2 07:59 03 Jun 2004


Thanks for that. I will have a look at it when I go home. Another thing you might be able to helpme with please. Since having this problem with Norton, I can't use "Search" or "System Restore" When I go into them the window opens but is just blank.

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