norton internet 2008 new ver free upgrade

  sunny staines 19:37 23 Mar 2008

click here

The new build of NIS 2008 BUILD
is not detected by liveupdate. you need to unistall the original NIS2008 and install the new version, it will detect your key from prev version so no need to re enter it.

no visual difference its all under the bonnet stuff.

  Newuser38 20:57 23 Mar 2008


Symantec recently gave me an upgrade of 2007, on my 3 machine version,to 2008 as they did last year about this time,after you posted about it.

It is valid until the expiry date of the 2007,6 weeks to go in my case.

I think anyone with a legal 2007 can access it on the Norton upgrade site, but watch it in case the current licence date expiry is altered in the process of uninstalling and re-installing.

  sunny staines 06:23 24 Mar 2008

my copy was nis 2007 i got the free upgrade to nis 2008 as prev posted a few weeks ago. then saw via the above link a new build was released contacted norton who told me the above [gave different link but same download]the days on the outstanding license are still the same and not changed.

  lulubelle 18:46 25 Mar 2008

Hi All,
I upgraded my NIS 2007,(with just under a years subscription left) to 2008 yesterday. I wish I hadn't bothered. All went well until I was asked to activate. I copied my product key from my old NIS, but the new one would not accept it, and I had a pop-up saying that my product key was not valid. Is there anything "special" that you have to do when getting this free upgrade?
I have e-mailed Symantec as I only have 14 days left to activate my copy of NIS 2008, however their site tells me that the current response time is 96 hours!
Any ideas as to what I can do would be much appreciated.

  sunny staines 19:12 25 Mar 2008

yes you need to email norton to get a key to go from 2007 to 2008, then onwards norton keeps the key on file and when you update it automatically puts it in and saves you re entering it again.

did you read my original post on this a few weeks ago.

  lulubelle 19:23 25 Mar 2008

Thanks for your reply sunny staines.
Are you saying that I should have emailed Norton BEFORE I did the upgrade?
I wonder if they will still let me have it?
If not, I suppose the only option would be to reinstall 2007.
The problem is that 2007 was bought as a download from Norton online shop. So how do I download it again?
Sorry for all the questions, but I seem to have jumped in feet first and made a mess of it all.

  Newuser38 19:31 25 Mar 2008

This is what my warning above was about. Try closing the PC down go in again and open NIS and see what happens.

  sunny staines 19:32 25 Mar 2008

use the live chat tonight, i connected with them on a separate issue got connect straight away.

  lulubelle 19:36 25 Mar 2008

I can't live chat as I haven't got a webcam or microphone.
Woe is me!

  sunny staines 19:57 25 Mar 2008

you do not speak with sound its like a two real time printed conversation. just connect and you will see, no web cam or microphone needed

  sharpeyes 18:14 26 Mar 2008

I decided to take up the offer and then found that antispam was not included. I finally found it as an add on and downloaded. I then received no email only to find that it was ignoring my address book and treating everything as spam. When I got that sorted and after only 4 days a pop up told me I needed to update as there was a serious risk to security. I updated which took ages and have now found that I cannot configure the email settings in antispam. Nothing happens when I click on 'CONFIGURE'. I wish I'd never upgraded I've had nothing but trouble for over a week now. I don't think I'll be renewing my subscription, everyone's telling me to go to AVG.

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