Norton internet 2005 causing havoc

  knobler 12:43 11 Jul 2005

I've just purchased Norton Internet 2005 and to be honest it's just caused havoc. I unistalled the old version before installing the 2005 but whenever I install it and run liveupdate I get an error message telling me that it's not installed, not configured, missing a dll file etc..

When it is on their, it locks the internet!!!

I've tried all sorts to get it sorted, but to no avail. Has anybody had the same problems? Is it best to uninstall it and try another package? any help would be grateful.

Luckily my laptop on the home network is running and is protected seperatley. However what's the point of having a computer if you can't access the internet through fear of being attacked!

  pj123 15:01 11 Jul 2005

As much as I hate to say this but there are many previous threads about this, some good, some bad.

click here

I have a friend who was recommended to buy it but all he got, like you, havoc. I have now taken it off and installed AVG, Adaware, Sypbot, Spywareblaster and Zone Alarm, all free.

No more problems.

  knobler 20:18 11 Jul 2005

God I can't even seem to unistall it!!!

Been on to the Norton web site and I end up going round in circles.

Anybody know of a way that I can get rid of it - can I delete the program file so that I can download and run AVG without any problems.

  Ancient Learner 20:31 11 Jul 2005

Norton have a special download that you require to get rid of it! NAV Remover; SymNrt.exe

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:36 11 Jul 2005
  podlod 11:39 13 Jul 2005

Oh my god, talk about panic stations, I am not sure what to do as I am no expert on the computor and if it does not work I will be left up the river without a paddle!!.
Still I would like to thank everybody for their quick and helpful response.I shall have to make a decision??? What?

  knobler 19:25 13 Jul 2005

Thanks everybody, just downloaded AVG after 'taking out' Norton with a nuke it file kindly supllied by Ancient Learner!! Thanks Gandalf for the link.

Hopefully sit back and relax a little bit now.

Not sure whether it's okay with broadband as a 100% defence line. However my Belkin router has a ine of defence installed I think - Amensia & old age setting in at the ripe old age of 42!!!

Anybody think I need to buy the singing and swinging version of AVG??

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:31 13 Jul 2005

Can't see any point in buying the 'pro' version. So long as you keep AVG updated and use it with MS Antispy plus one or two other spy progs, if you think that you need them (a firewall as well if you feel that you need it) you will be more than well protected.


  stalion 19:32 13 Jul 2005

if you haven't got them yet install these,adaware and spywareblaster
click here
click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:33 13 Jul 2005

click here for more detailed advice.


  Danoh 21:49 13 Jul 2005

NIS 2003, 2004 and 2005 all have a wonderfully integrated installation of all the bundled applications but none have a single uninstall process. You have to remove the separate components before installing the next version, as many of the people I have helped, discovered.

Once I'd learnt myself, it has never been an issue for me.

A great many active forum members would attest that they are fine with the free version of AVG. A few have posted that they have caught nasties.

Personally, I don't think its a lot of money to pay for a lot of man-years work effort invested in the software product.

I am in the software industry (not a/v) and so obviously would be happy to pay for software that I find useful.

Recently some other A/V products have more favourable test results then Norton or MacAfee and I am tempted to try them out once my 12 month licence runs out.

My PC setup at home is used very extensively by all 4 family members. There would just be too much aggravation caused by serious malfunctions and so I find it another justification to have full software products extra functionality.

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