Norton Int. Sec. - Change of License conditions?

  bstock 20:03 17 Feb 2004

Have just purchased a copy of Norton Internet Security and was horified to find it now needs the dreaded product activation.

In the past I am pretty sure that we were permitted to use one copy of the software on a desktop plus an associated laptop.

With product activation I suspect that this has now changed but not being to sure about how product activation works am a little wary about including the software on my other machine - just in case

Does anyone have any advice?



  bstock 18:22 19 Feb 2004

Hope its not that silly a question to get no response!

  Kitz E Kat 18:26 19 Feb 2004

Don't throw away your Norton 2003 disc yet!!
One licence one computer!!!
That's my read, you may have used it on two computer's but you should have only used it on one..

The activation , in theory at least should only work on one computer...

It works the same as XP activation...

There are now hacks available, but you don't want to do that ??

  byfordr 10:08 20 Feb 2004

Unless its the professional edition then you can use it on two

  bstock 11:18 20 Feb 2004

Pardon me if I sound stupid but does the product activation permit this without deactivating one of the installations

I have a load of Norton 2004 products and all "legit". To my utmost disspointment I had cause to contact Symantec to "Reactivate" my NIS2004 after problems. Not only did this take a considerable time, but it was also downright stupid as the fault was with the product.

Anyhow, I digress. From my "personal" experience each product has a number of activations (unlike XP which only has one). Each time you activate you loose a life so to speak until no more activations are left and you have to resort to contacting symantec by phone (Unless you downloaded the product in which case you have to contact Digital River - that is where my problems started). The Symantec Proper are great and reset the activations immediately. Digital River......

So, the net result is that so long as you do not exceed the total number of activations allowed (five) per product you should not have a problem and nor will you have to telephone for reactivation.

Read into that what you will for your own advantage..........

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