Norton has frozen me out

  swapper 05:05 09 May 2004

WinXP, running Spyware Blaster, Ad-Aware,Zone Alarm, History Kill,SpyBot.

I don't believe it!! yes I do :-(
My system was running fine until I decided to Install Norton System Works 2003 (Which I have just bought on-line because I wanted "Ghost"

As Norton was installing itself, the screen froze, leaving me looking at the loading bar three quarters through.
I had to turn the PC off.
When I restarted it, the loading got as far as allowing me to enter my password (as I am the admin) and it froze.
I have tried inserting the WinXp disk to get to recovery,but it could not find "C" drive.

I have seen a message "!Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged area"
But now I am looking at a WinXP screen asking me to click my user name, which I cannot, and it is in 16 colours :-(

I KNOW someone out there can help me (please):-)
I am now using my wife's PC, she allow this sometimes!

  swapper 08:48 09 May 2004


  Mikè 10:35 09 May 2004

This sounds as if you may have a faulty stick of memory.

  swapper 12:12 09 May 2004

Mike, (sorry, I don't know how to get the little thingy:-))
got any idea how I can resolve this please?
via DOS or something?

  swapper 16:55 10 May 2004

looks like I have lost it :-((

  Daz35 17:03 10 May 2004

Did a google click here, it might help

  GaT7 17:26 10 May 2004

I hope you do recover from this, but would advise not to install NSW. NSW can sometimes cause more problems than it solves, as I often found to my frustration. There's an option to run some of the programs directly of the CD without installing - I suggest you try them before thinking of installing.

This is what I've done with no problems. Just install the Ghost component only. To do this: Click on 'Browse CD' when the dialogue box appears. Open the GHOST folder & click on GHOST.msi to install Ghost only. Also, before installing I would recommend booting in Clean boot conditions to avoid problems/conflicts. click here if you need to know how to Clean boot your PC in WinXP. Good luck, G

  GaT7 17:54 10 May 2004

If you do go ahead with a full install, it is also recommended to do so under Clean boot conditions.

This may be crucial too when using Ghost with your setup: You will not be able to use your version of Ghost to save an image file directly to an NTFS partition, but there are alternate storage locations - see the link for full details - click here.

  swapper 21:34 10 May 2004

I love you people, I still don't know how I have done it, but looking through your suggestions, I eventually managed to get into Safe Mode, in there, I deleted as much Symantec stuff as I could , went into regedit and did the same.

I can now turn on and off o.k. into windows my problem now is that I am reduced to "lowest (4) colour, but I know that you can help me out on this one :-)

  GaT7 23:57 10 May 2004

Have you tried manually changing it to display in 32-bit colour? Right-click on a blank part of your desktop -> Properties. Click on the Settings tab. You should be able to change the number of colours to be displayed here. Change it to True Color (32-bit). Click Apply, OK. Now check to see if the problem recurs.

  GaT7 00:25 11 May 2004

If the above doesn't work you may have corrupted graphics/display card drivers. Uninstall & reinstall these drivers.

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