Norton GoBack install on which drive.

  Sparkly 18:52 10 Jan 2007

Hi i was about to install Norton Go Back on my C drive when i noticed tha it reserves upto 10% of your H/D, my C drive has plenty of space free 43gig but i useually put programmes i am not useing daily on my external drive E what i am asking is does this programme have to be installed on the C drive or will it run happily on the external drive saveing info to go back on the C drive.
Thanks in advance.

  wjrt 18:58 10 Jan 2007

unless you are very experienced would advise against using this can cause problems which in my case resulted in not being able to reinstall OS

  EJ1947 19:06 10 Jan 2007

I use Go Back on my system which has 2 hard drives, both of which are internal but that should not make any difference. It automatically recognises both drives and backs up either or both.
The point WJRT makes about re-installing OS can be overcome by dis-abling Go Back before major changes of that type then re-installing afterwards.

  EJ1947 19:07 10 Jan 2007

By the way it creates a separate file on each drive for restoring from.

  Sparkly 07:00 11 Jan 2007

Thanks wjrt thats a little worrying.Thanks allso to you EJ1947 that is a bit more reasureing.
Thanks guys.

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