norton goback 4.0.

  iqs 19:22 07 Mar 2005

hello.i have just purchased nis 2005 which includes goback 4.0.i have read some reports which advice not to install????.these reports may be wrong,im not sure.just to be safe i will not.

now my question,can you chosse not to install goback or will it install automatically with nis 2005?.i havent opened the box to check,if i do pc world said they will not refund my money.i look forward to hearing from you.many thanks,mike

  sunny staines 19:26 07 Mar 2005

I have nsw 2005, but have not installed goback, seen lots of bad reports. Also a few good ones. I decided to leave it for now. You can choose each programme you want to install.

  mattyc_92 19:55 07 Mar 2005

You don't have to install GoBack...

I used to use GoBack, but it slows your system down so much and that it CAN have some internal problems....

  Praxis99 20:26 07 Mar 2005

Don't know about the 2005 version but I do know that the Goback version that came with Norton Sys Works 2003 stopped me been able to read smart data from my hard Drive (I got this straight in a email response from the guy who programmes D Tools)

Also if you alter your hard drive partitions you have to uninstall it which since this takes the programme a little while to do is a bit of a pain.

So while I did use Goback for a time its long since been uninstalled not least because of the complete lack of control over the setting of restore points and the fact that I found that when I needed it most it would state it had no points to restore too!

Things may have changed with the version you have, however I still think there are better ways to safeguard your data.

  Henmin 21:01 07 Mar 2005

I have Norton Internet Security 2005 too, but same here, I have not Installed GoBack. Had plenty of problems with Norton Systems Works 2003s GoBack. It seems to clash with other programs.


  iqs 22:43 07 Mar 2005

Hello and thankyou all for your help.Since receiving your replies i have opened the box and found that Goback is supplied on a seperate disc.

I have used various Norton product and all have been trouble free.I cant believe Norton would create a piece of software which could or can cause issues.The reports i have read were similar to the issues raised in your replies.Maybe they have corrected the faults in this version,but better play safe and bin.

Once again many thanks for your assistance,it was appreciated.Kindest regards,Mike

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