Norton Go Back

  Pine Man 11:00 04 Dec 2005

I have just bought NIS 2006 for half price from PC World and it came free with Norton Ghost and Norton Go Back. Excellent value for £29.95 and it works perfectly like all the other Norton products I have had over the last 10-15 years.

I have loaded Norton Ghost as well but not Go Back - yet.

Has anybody tried Go Back? It appears to do the same as Microsoft System Restore but are there any drawbacks?

  phil46 11:13 04 Dec 2005

I can sum GO BACK in two words total crap i have used it on W98 WME W2000 if your running it on WXP switch off SYSTEM RESTORE GO BACK has caused more crashes on my systems than i can remember.

  007al 11:31 04 Dec 2005

you must be the only person i`ve heard of that has no problem with norton.
have you tried different software in the past? i think you would notice a difference.
my first anti-virus was norton,i thought it was ok until i tried something else on another pc,and noticed the difference in speed and all round ease of would find a trojan,and give me a link to try and get rid of it!
why?? its the job of an anti-virus to find the `cure`,not mine.
anyway,after ridding myself of symantec for good(so i thought),i bought an office pc earlier this year which came bundled with norton. see if theres a change,i! got it off the pc in under a month,total waste of time.
this was bundled free,i didnt lose anything,but people pay good money for a (in my opinion) below par software with poor support!
rant over!

  amonra 11:36 04 Dec 2005

Hear Hear (or here here) I totally agree with the above comments. Every dealing I've had with NAV has been a nightmare, it's trouble in use and trouble to get rid of. Stay clear !

  Fingees 11:40 04 Dec 2005

I have used Go Back for years also norton .

goback to me is far superior to restore, as it goes completely back. In other words unlike restore it clears out any latest thing like emails, and newly downloaded items that may be causing problems.

I use it sometimes when something I have downloaded to try, but has not completely uninstalled, when I've tried to remove it

  Pine Man 11:55 04 Dec 2005

Thanks everybody for your advice, I think I'll give Go Back a miss.

I'm pleased that my thread enabled some of you to let off steam as well!!

  PaulB2005 12:20 04 Dec 2005

I used Goback in the days when it was owned by Roxio. On my PIII 800 it was a god-send. Saved my bacon a few times and well worth the £30 i paid for it.

Sadly it think there maybe too much activity on my new PC as it never seems to keep the history stating that "logging was suspended due to too much disk activity". I now use SR and Acronis True Image instead.

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