Norton Ghost/GoBack problem.

  Derek 09:34 11 Jan 2004

Win XP. Master and Slave both NTFS, Norton System Works 2003.
I attempted to do my regular Ghost clone C to D and pressed the "peer to Peer" by mistake. Can't remember the details of the proceedures exactly but, I was eventually faced with a start-up screen telling me to incorporate DOS. Clicked away and the system locked. Eventually got out and got into XP again Ok - or so I thought.
Again I go into Ghost and choose "Clone disc to disc" and a screen tells me to disable GoBack.
I then go into Goback and Options. I choose to "Disable" and another screen says "Cannot cummunicate with Device Drive".
I then re-load BackUp. Try everything again with no luck and a repeat of all 'problem' screens.
I then go into control panel/add and rem etc and try to remove GoBack. This I do to have a clean up. But, it won't do it !!
I now get a box which says "Windows has configured Drive C for MS DOS compatabilty".
Consequencies are that I have no Norton Ghost or active GoBack.

All help would be so welcome Kindest regards DM.

  MichelleC 10:51 11 Jan 2004

You're using Gobck instead of system restore? Try uninstalling Ghost and this may clear GB to revert to earlier.

  Derek 07:07 12 Jan 2004

Win XP Pro

Done that Michelle and no further forward apart from now landing myself in the worst situation.
In the first 15 seconds of booting I now cannot get past a black screen which apologises for the problem! It suggests I make a choice of four alternatives but, whatever I choose, I can only get back to the black screen which goes round in the circle !

  Derek 07:08 12 Jan 2004

Forgot to say but it must be obvious, I'm now using my other spare PC using ME.

  MichelleC 09:16 12 Jan 2004

Try an os repair:

click here: and click here

  Derek 12:52 12 Jan 2004

Thank you Michelle for showing such interest.
I've been 'off air' for about four hours making every attempt to overcome the problem. In the end I reloaded XP and managed to get a little something back. At least I was able to get into safe mode and thus was able to clear out some programmes that were easily installable. I also took out all video controllers. I'm using a Radoen 9800 DL.
I was then able to write up a CD with important data and having done all that, I now find that I can get back into my desktop with some ease.
It appears that I haven't lost anything but the boot up appears to be slow.
I've lost "Run" but I'll re-located it somewhere, once I've done this, I can then get into MSCONFIG to take a look at the start ups !!

Again my sincere thanks for your support.

Derek Miles.

  gold 47 13:09 12 Jan 2004

It's quicker to do a full system recovery this is the worst of Norton products if you try to correct one problem you end up with more and more.

Using go back with XP? not a good move unless you have disabled system restore i assume you have.

  Derek 19:40 12 Jan 2004

Thanks to both of you. First Michelle, I took advantage of placing your links into my favourites and these appear to be a very supportive pages, I cannot imagine why I haven't come across them before, perhaps it's been 'cus I've not been in such trouble before.
And Gold 47, yes I have isolated system recovery. As far as Norton is concerned, I've been using all Norton/Symantec stuff for about fifteen years and found all their many programmes to be most acceptable.

I appear to be up and running once again and again I say to both, many thanks for your support.

Kindest regards Derek Miles.

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