Norton Ghost Images

  scooby43 14:54 09 May 2004

Hi all after my last two threads I have created images for me and my mums computer but I am having a problem. I am wanting to transfer my mums image from her machine to a hard drive on my computer over the network but when i try to copy the image as its in two parts it alows me to copy the main image file but when it comes to to the spanning file that is with it it gives me an error when trying copy the spanning tree file saying access is denied, disk is either full or write protected or make sure the file is not in use anyone know how I can manage to transfer the file accross to my hard drive.


  jimv7 15:01 09 May 2004

Have you ticked the box in ghost options to allow spanning?

  scooby43 21:09 09 May 2004

where abouts do I find that option. jimv7 could that be the main reason why it won't allow me to copy the spanning file over the network as the main image I mentioned it allowed me but obviously with out the spanning file the image is useless. What is a spanning tree file is it abit like a tempoary file.

  scooby43 09:57 10 May 2004


  scooby43 10:22 10 May 2004

Also to mention I didnt know that when I tried making 2 new partitions and then reload the image to the first partition from image it does not format the hard drive like the disk from image so I guess I have to manually format the first parition before putting on the image.
I didnt know ghost was tricky to use.

  scooby43 13:33 10 May 2004

can anyone shed any light ?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:53 10 May 2004

click here for a guide which might provide an answer.

  jimv7 21:33 10 May 2004

On the boot up start ghost screen, choose options, read carefully and chose the options you wish, ie. enable spanning.

To restore an image to a partition, choose partition from image,

Diodorus Siculus above, has supplied the link to a good tutorial for ghost.

(And now to get in trouble with FE) as with all programmes, RTFN Read the manual.

  scooby43 22:43 10 May 2004

thanks again sorry to have made threee threads on the norton issue.

  GaT7 23:16 10 May 2004

'Using Ghost to save or write an image to a different computer' - click here. Also includes which version(s) of Ghost support what you're trying to achieve & which don't.

  scooby43 19:08 11 May 2004

ill have a look thanks

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