Norton Ghost - delete files

  Gary Wood 14:48 12 Aug 2007

I am considering using Norton Ghost to run my backups. I have an external drive on which to store the backups and want to run a daily backup of the My Documents folder on my C: drive and a weekly backup of another external drive I use to archive work onto.

For the My Docs backup, I'll define a file and folder backup and for the archive drive, a disk image, since there's nothing but my files on that drive. In the later case, if I keep four versions of the backup data, then I'll have at least a month to recover deleted files and/or undo changes to them. If I delete a file from the drive, it will stay in the backup for a month and then disappear.

However, with a file and folder backup, what happens if I delete a file? Will it stay in the file and folder backup forever?

For example, I create a report in Word called "Draft 1". I then modify this and save it as a separate file called "Draft 2" Later, I decide that I no longer need "Draft 1" so delete it from the My Docs folder on C:. Obviously the file will have been captured by the backup the night before - exactly as it should, in case tomorrow I decide I do need "Draft 1" after all. However, will anything ever trigger the removal of "Draft 1" from the backup, or will it stay there forever? Ideally, I'd like to be able to set a time frame after which files deleted from the source are deleted from the backup, but that doesn't seem possible.

Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions on this.


  Gary Wood 17:12 12 Aug 2007

Thinking about this some more, what I actually need to do is as follows:

1) Create a full backup each month.
2) Create incremental backups based on that full backup for the rest of the month.
3) At the start of the next month, make a new full backup, so that the next lot of incremental backups are then based on that.
4) Keep only 3 versions of the monthly backups, so that files deleted from my system will disappear after 3 months.

I don't think this is possible with Ghost. Perhaps somebody can tell me otherwise? Alternatively, does anyone know if Acronis True Image can do it?



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