Norton Ghost & cloned HDD

  y_not 18:35 25 Feb 2004

My sons XP system started complaining that he was running out of disk space (well, it was only a 5Gb drive).

A friend has Norton Ghost and offered to clone the drive to a spare 20Gb drive that I have.

It all seemed to go well but when I try to boot the PC using the cloned drive it says "Attempting to boot from CD" and hangs at that point

The computer is a Compaq 533 Celeron, 128+32Mb RAM, on-board sound, ATI graphics.

I just don't want to have to format and reinstall, re-activate etc. if I can avoid it.

Can anyone help, please?

  Peter 19:31 25 Feb 2004


Compaqs often have a hidden partition which may not have been cloned to the 20 Gig drive. You may need to clone the whole drive, not just the working partition.

Alternatively it could be a BIOS setting which is making the CD the first/only choice of boot drive.

Perhaps there is a Compaq user, on this forum, who could shed more light on this matter.


  y_not 20:30 25 Feb 2004

Thanks for the response.

I have altered BIOS settings to boot from HDD first, also checked that the drive is recognised by the BIOS.

The PC originally had wiin98 installed; when I reinstalled it I ran fdisk and deleted all partitions (dos & non-dos) so when I installed XP it SHOULD have been a clean drive.

Any other thoughts, please?

  cycoze 00:11 26 Feb 2004

Drive set to Master ?

  JerryJay 00:19 26 Feb 2004

I also had trouble when I tried to clone (use copy command) with XP installation but have no problem with win2K (bot on the same disk, multiboot). This happens to me 3 times, my solution is to boot from CD then repair XP on hard disk. Bootup, go to C and run a repair program on XP, I cannot remember which program, but you can find out by typping help.

  y_not 06:15 26 Feb 2004

cycoze - I have set the jumper to both Master & Cable select (just in case) with no difference

JerryJay - thanks for that idea; I'll give it a try this evening. I'll mark the thread as resolved and restart it if I'm still having problems.

Thanks to everyone who's helped

  mrdsgs 08:43 26 Feb 2004

i think you will find that xp stops you cloning an xp system drive through norton ghost.

this is to prevent people using ghost to clone an activated xp system onto another similar/identical sytem to avoid having to get another xp licence and reactivate.

Someone I know who works for Microsoft has told me that xp cannot be cloned in ghost to a diffrent system, or, annoyingly for me, backed up to cd and then restored.

However, I stand to be corrected.


  Taran 10:02 26 Feb 2004

Ghost and Drive Image both work perfectly well with XP and you can't transfer a ghosted image to an "identical" system since XP ativation reads serial numbers from many main comonents in a system including the CPU.

Two Compaq Presario S5290UK may have the exact same hardware specification but the items in them will have different component serial numbers, hence a ghost image from one to another will normally fail spectacularly.

Now, depending on how the drive was cloned, the problem could simply be as follows:

backing up or imaging from C: to D: [where D: is a second hard drive] means you have a perfect copy of C: to recall if things go wrong. Booting to the backed up drive [D:] will not work because all of the file and registry entries are along the lines of C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office only all thos entries aren't on C: any more, they were backed up to D:.

Furthermore, if you still have two hard drives in the machine, if the D: drive is still D: and has not been set as C: it will also fail. Some machines will support multiple bootable hard drives but most older PCs won't.

Assuming the Ghost "Clone" option was used, the disk that was cloned to should be instated as C: and its jumpers set to Master.

Dedicated drive cloning programs allege to be able to alter all the registry and program location settings from C: to D: and sometimes they even work.

Other things to check are whether the file tables are of the same sort. FAT32 to NTFS causes real problems with older version of Ghost and keep in mind that even if all goes relatively smoothly you will still probably be prompted for a system restart if and when you can boot into the new drive since Windows will detect the hardware change and require a reboot to function correctly.

  JerryJay 12:29 26 Feb 2004

Maybe you could try CasperXP 2.0 click here, free trial should be sufficient. According to some users, see here click here, it can do something when ghost fails.

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