Norton Ghost 7 XP logon screen

  Shortstop 15:57 18 Oct 2006


I have just been given a copy of Ghost 9 by a family friend and have installed this to help back ups. No documentation was with this [second-hand] disk as the owner has just upgraded to Ghost 10.

When I now boot up, I get the log on screen ["choose account] and investigation shows that another account has been installed, which I obviously cannot/would not want to access. The only option is to log into my name anyhow [I am the only user].

I guess that the password-protected account is for Ghost based on the name it has been given - a load of numbers - but can I set up Win XP to load straight into my account? The previous owner had several accounts set up on his PC so never had this 'issue'



  Shortstop 15:58 18 Oct 2006

Sorry - title should read Norton Ghost & XP logon screen!

  mattyc_92 16:12 18 Oct 2006

To remove the "Password Prompt", simply go to "Start->Run" and type in "control userpasswords2".
From here, untick the "User must give username and password" option (words to that effect) and click OK.
Next, type in the user-name and password for the account you want to log into by default

  Shortstop 16:27 18 Oct 2006

Tried this.

There are 3 'Accounts' : Myself, Administrator & ASPNET - which I assume was loaded by Ghost as it wasn't there before.

I have followed your suggestions, but the accounts are all greyed-out, so I cannot select any to auto log on.

Not thinking that this was such a good idea now ....


  mattyc_92 16:30 18 Oct 2006

The "Administrator" account is the "built-in" admin account (most people use this account to access the computer in safe mode)
The "ASPNET" account is created by the .Net Framework tool
When you untick the option, you click OK... It should show a dialog box asking for a username and password.
Type in your user account details here and click the "OK" button on this message

  Shortstop 16:34 18 Oct 2006

No Dialogue box appears - just the three accounts become greyed out [?] Is ASPNET needed for Ghost? Maybe if i removed this it would all be OK?

Thanks for your continuing help matt


  mattyc_92 16:35 18 Oct 2006

Please bare with me, as I will try to create screendumps of what SHOULD be shown...

I would suggest that you keep the "ASPNET" account. Unless you have already created a FULL SYSTEM backup using Ghost!

  Shortstop 16:44 18 Oct 2006

No problems and i agree with ASPNET. I am still undecided whether Ghost is worth the hassle with the minor irritation of a log on screen .....

FYI, I need to pop out for a couple of hours so may not be able to reply as quickly as I have been. I am NOT ignoring you ;o)



  mattyc_92 16:49 18 Oct 2006

Well, here is a screendump (well, a few) I just made. I have tried to label and explain as much as posible: click here

Anymore questions, just post back ;-)

  Shortstop 16:52 18 Oct 2006

But therein lies another problem .....

I haven't used a password for my account for so long. I input a passowrd in both lines of the dialogue box [enter & confirm], but the initial log on screen advises me that this is wrong. It then goes on to the welcome screen & I just press my name to start windows normally.

Would it be easier to add a new account with admin rights, remove my old one then rename the account? Would this resolve the problem?


  mattyc_92 16:54 18 Oct 2006

If you haven't assigned a password to your account, simply leave the password 'fields' empty

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