Norton Ghost 2003 problem

  PC_Qs 10:33 16 Jan 2009

Hi Guys,

I have ghost 2003 and one single drive at 80G. The data is about 10GB. When i try to image it, ghost imaged the complete C drive and takes over 3hours. Also i can only create and restore the image after installing Norton Ghost 2003 on to the PC first.

I have heard i can use this on boot up and do not have to install the software to use it.

How can i boot on start up, BIOS? i tried changing booting sequences in BIOS but it goes straight into windows. Any suggestions?

Thanks Nick

  Pamy 10:42 16 Jan 2009

You have to have the disk in the drive when you boot up

  PC_Qs 13:00 16 Jan 2009

The North Ghost disk is in the drive. I'm not that silly hahah. when i select boot fromCD-ROM is BIOS.

I have read somewhere people are creating images and restoring it there from boot up and do not have to install the software once in windows. Reason why i want this is that if there is a serious problem with the PC and windows do not boot up (even in safemode) then there is no way to restore the image i have created.

  Pamy 15:47 16 Jan 2009

If the Ghost 2003 disk is also a "Bootable" disk ie, you did not have to make one when you installed it to your HDD, then normally if your Bios is set so that the DVD/CD drive is the firt to boot from, then if the "bootable" disk is in the drive at bootup,ie when you press the start button then you look at the bottom of the screen as it boots for "Press any key to boot from CD.

Sorry if this is trying to teach you to suck eggs but am not sure if I explained properly first time.

PS. if you only have one HDD, where did you make the image too?

  PC_Qs 16:01 16 Jan 2009

The thing is i do not know if it is a bootable disk. The tutorial also show you have to install it before creating an image. what version do i need to purchase in order boot in DOS?

I whole idea of being able to create and restore an image is when your PC become damaged and does not boot into windows.

I have an external portal HDD to store the image into.

  Pamy 16:15 16 Jan 2009

Ok,normally you install the software onto your HDD.
you then look to see if it tells you to make a "restore or bootable disk" if it does, then you do so.
Ghost version 12 was the restore disk also so another did not have to be made.
When you make a backup or image of your whole disk including the operating system and all your programs onto your external drive, if your HDD fails or you loose your programs or cannot boot up as normal, then you boot up with the disk and it will let you restore the image back onto your original HDD( as long as it is in working order) or onto another one

  jimv7 18:44 16 Jan 2009

Use the installed ghost 2003 to create a boot floppy or cd.

  woodchip 18:46 16 Jan 2009

Norton Ghost can stop System Restore Working. So if it does not work, you know why

  tonymcdonn 17:04 09 Nov 2009

Will ghost 2003 boot a Sata drive?

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