Norton Ghost 2003 - freezes in virtual partition

  Dan 15:17 12 Mar 2004

I've just installed this program and following the Wizard through the Windows side of things goes fine...but when the program reboots into PCDOS I get the 2 options of (1)carrying out the Ghost Dos task, or (2) skipping the Ghost task and going straight to windows, and whether I pick an option or not, the system freezes at this point.

(Didn't find anything in the Symantec Knowledgebase)

My system is running WinXP home, 1.5gb of ram, and I'm trying to create an image off the boot drive to an external usb2 80gb hard drive (works out at creating a 22gb image onto about 55gb free space)

During the Windows options I did tick the option in Advanced Settings for the USB2 devices in External Storage.

Does anyone have any ideas what's going wrong?

  mifsud 15:44 12 Mar 2004

Not being funny have you left it ling enough.

I have 2002 ghost and it seems at times that it has stuck.

I would suggest leaving for a while

  Dan 15:56 12 Mar 2004

So I left the second turn quite a bit longer...but in each case the end file is the same size (1kb) which I think is just the windows created save file.

How long should I wait per gig do you think for the Virtual Partition to get beyond this startup dos screen?

  mifsud 16:00 12 Mar 2004

When I did it some time ago it took several hours

I feel you will have nothing to lose.

Good luck

  cycoze 16:06 12 Mar 2004

A few Questions , is the external drive formatted ? dont know much about externals do they need jumper settings ?

Have you tried running Ghost from a floppy ? try using Ms Dos rather than PC Dos ? boot floppy instructions click here .

USB wont work via a hub , needs to be direct.

  cycoze 12:30 21 Mar 2004

Any joy Dan ?

  Dan 14:18 21 Mar 2004

I should have come back and either closed the thread or updated it.

I have reached a wall. But to answer your questions -

External drive is formatted (lots of space on it but it's in use with stuff on it etc and is working fine). Drive is Usb2 and plugs straight into the pc. Is recognised during the Windows section of Ghost and is even recognised during the opening of the dos section.

Didn't try ghost from a floppy, but did try ms dos as oppose to pc dos.

Every time it gets to the point where it opens up dos...says option 1 or 2 and recognises external drive. It then freezes. Which prevents me restarting with the command to exit the partition cause the keyboard and all freeze up. Have to warm boot and hope.

Have currently uninstalled in a fit of pique.
I may turn this out as a bad job and try Drive Image which is supposed to be more friendly, or even Acronis's TrueImage which I've seen on a coverdisk recently.

Any more ideas?


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