norton firewall - suddenly i can't access internet

  breckenridge 11:17 07 May 2006

i updated my norton anti virus and my norton firewall last month and everything was working ok until yesterday. now the firewall will not let me access the web via internet explorer. if i disable the firewall, no problem

  gudgulf 11:49 07 May 2006

Uninstall and reinstall Norton..........that usually does the trick.

For a more permanent solution uninstall Norton and install one of the many freeware alternatives such as ZoneAlarm or Sunbelt/Kerio firewall and Avast or AVG antivirus.

That's what I did a Year ago(Internet Security Suite 2005).......I got fed up of Norton causing more problems than the things it was supposed to be protecting me against.

The major annoyances were.....preventing me accessing the web and going wrong after an auto update.After around 5 reinstalls of Norton in 4 months it had to go.

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