Norton Firewall doesn't work with Broadband

  Sluggard 14:03 06 Feb 2003

Since I changed over to Broadband I cannot use the internet although I connect I cannot receive mail or visit sites unless I disable Norton Firewall. I have been to Norton support page and tried their suggestions listed there. Norton then suggested I removed the Firewall and did a clean reinstall but this didn't help. Has anyone else experienced a problem? Fortunately I am running XP which has it's own firewall but I'm lead to believe Norton's is much better. Help please!

  JoeC 14:21 06 Feb 2003

Norton firewall with BB and have not had any problems ( well, apart from configuring it to my taste ). I would suggest going to the Symantec site and downloading the Rnis tool which will completely remove the firewall - if you have not tried this way of course ! Then I would re-install it after Ctrl-Alt-Deleting everything except explorer and systray. Allow it to automatically configure Internet Access then go into it yourself to make sure only the programmes you want access the internet.

  Sluggard 16:09 06 Feb 2003

Thanks JoeC I tried uninstall useing the tool you recommended and re-installed still no joy! Because I have XP ctrl, Alt, Delete doesn't show all running progs. However everything in my tray was closed and as recommended by Norton the built in XP Firewall was disabled.
Anyone else got a suggestion apart from using my Norton Firewall CD as a beer mat!

  JoeC 16:19 06 Feb 2003

I can suggest is going into the firewall then Internet Access Control, highlight each of the applications and click remove so there is nothing in the box at all. Reboot, then click on your most commonly used progs ( Internet Explorer, Outlook Express etc ) in turn. The firewall should then spring into action stating " XXXXX XXXXX.exe is trying to access the Internet " or similar wording. It should then give you the option of automatically configuring Internet Access. That is how I set mine up. It is worth a try at least ! : }

  PSF 16:19 06 Feb 2003

I use Nirtonas well, 2 things to check:

Open the Firewall window and check the tab at the top says Block traffic, if it does it is ok, if it says allow traffic click it to change to block traffic.

If that does not work in the Personal Firewall configure panel do a program scan to see what programs can access the internet.

  Noels 16:23 06 Feb 2003

AS JoeC says have been on BB for nearly two years and have used Norton for about 4 yrs No problems at all. As JoeC also says does take time to configure to ones own liking. Its very easy to set all the security settings too high by being over cautious. Which can prevent access to various sites. Try adjusting settings again lower this time and see what happens.

  Sluggard 17:22 06 Feb 2003

Thanks guys tried as suggested but still no joy apart from I can sent an e-mail but not receive mail or open any website! I've spend hours and hours on this problem and it's now driving me mad, so I'll use Norton Firewall CD as a beer mate, cheers! I'll drownd my sorrows and ditch Norton.

  accord 17:58 06 Feb 2003

you dont say which version of NFW you are using, i have found in the past that when i used seperate versions of AV and FW from McAfee they are a pain in the buttinski to set up. so i ditched McAfee and bought Norton Internet Security 2003 and works superbly with NTL BB and XP home.

  Sluggard 00:11 07 Feb 2003

I'm using Norton Personal Firewall 2002 and also I have Norton SystemWorks 2002 installed. Don't see why I should pay again for intergrated software! Surely they should be compatable.

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