Norton Firewall

  pj123 10:33 30 Jan 2003

When I was on dial up my Firewall Icon used to flash quite often, meaning something was trying to access my computer. Now that I am on Broadband it never seems to flash. Does this mean it is not effective on BB? If I hold my mouse over the icon I get Norton Personal Firewall Enabled.

  JoeC 10:38 30 Jan 2003

Try click here and click here ( scroll down to Security check ) to test your firewall. : }

  Noels 11:01 30 Jan 2003

I have Norton Firewall 2003 and am on BB. I think these attempted intrusions go in phases. Every dey last week I had about 6 alerts per day. This week not one at all so far.
Regards Noels

  pj123 12:16 30 Jan 2003

Thanks Guys/Gals

I will keep watching it.


  powerless 12:24 30 Jan 2003

I've been online for 1 Hour 10 minutes and have had "40 access attempts"...

Yesterday i was online for 10 or so hours and had "5500 access attempts" (well ok i was testing the firewall)

I remember being online for about 2 hours and i had "251 access attempts"...

It all varies!

  Stuartli 13:57 30 Jan 2003

The vast majority are nothing to worry about.

  AdventCalendar 14:05 30 Jan 2003

Ive had it on mine for a while now, and i dont think ive had one alert!!! :-( now thats worrying me!

also, does anyone find that certain pages dont display pictures or buttons when firewall is on? [and thats with it set at a low setting, and the pop up adds turned off]

  pj123 15:47 30 Jan 2003

yes, i agree with you. On dial up I had plenty of alerts, now on BB I havent had any. that worries me as well. I must say I havent found any non picture displays yet.

  pj123 12:14 31 Jan 2003

I will assume my firewall is doing its job,
thanks for the responses.

Ticked as resolved.

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