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  Allan RISC OS user 10:19 21 Jun 2009

I am trying to help an elderly friend, he telephoned my yesterday morning to ask how he could reverse his decision not to allow a download.
It appears he has ordered and paid for some sheet music to be sent but during the download he clicked NO when asked if he trusted the download and now he is unable to download it to his printer as Norton will not allow it.
I am having to try to advise him over the phone as I am unable to get to his house.
I do not use Norton for Anti-virus or Firewall, so have no idea of the interface. I use AVG and ZoneAlarm.
Can anyone out there help me to help him?

  T I M B O 10:58 21 Jun 2009

There are a few possibilities as to why this download did not take place. Was the web site a good web site & not a scam? What was the file name of the download? Does Norton’s block most downloads? What was the file extension? How high are the settings within Norton’s? There are so many reasons as to why this did not work, but there is another way to do this. You can turn off the firewall within Norton’s then try a free download and see how that works. There are other ways to tweak Norton’s but as you can appreciate the difficulty here & especially when I don’t use Norton’s myself either. What other protection has this gentleman have on his computer?

  Sea Urchin 19:09 21 Jun 2009

I think you have misunderstood the problem here. The user instructed the Norton Firewall to deny a download which he in fact should have accepted. Nothing wrong with the site - just user error.

It is a long time since I used Norton, but I think if you open the interface and click on Firewall there should be various options in the right-hand panel. Look for something like Allow or Deny, and in there you should find the site that was disallowed. Highlight (or maybe right-click) it and you should have an option to allow it in future.

This is just from memory - of course it would be better for someone who uses Norton to give you a definitive answer.

  gigagiggles 07:21 22 Jun 2009


i use norton internet security 2009. i've never had the occasion where the program would query if i trusted the download. mozilla firefox does it for its add-ons.

but then again, i've never pre-purchased a download. so, i'm not sure if the warning was legitimate or par for the course.

sea urchin is pretty accurate. there should be an internet setting tab page which would include firewall configurations. within firewall, there ought to be program control. oddly, there is no web site control. fortunately, in my case, there is a firewall reset available.

  ened 07:29 22 Jun 2009

If it would be easier.

You might find a System Restore will cancel the block.

  Allan RISC OS user 10:01 22 Jun 2009

Thanks for your help, it is resolved now.

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