norton downloaded w/ mcafee, incompatible,now what

  mtdreamer 21:52 12 Nov 2007

i downloaded my new laptop with mcafee already on it, with norton 07. says they're incompatible and to erase mcafee. is there a way to put mcafee to sleep or something so i can use norton till it expires then go back to mcafee? this was my last download of norton, if i don't load it,is it still good. the button for norton is ready to push after loading for 2+ hrs. help! i have no idea what to do!

  brundle 22:17 12 Nov 2007

Why did you spend 2 hours downloading Norton when you already have Mcafee? If Mcafee is a trial, get rid of it, if you paid for it find your subscription details (and product key if Mcafee provide one) so you can re-install when you want.You can't run both at the same time, only one or the other. There is a removal tool for both - Mcafee's here;click here . Make sure you are offline when you swap AV products.

  p;3 22:58 12 Nov 2007

if I have grabbed the right link, you may need this to shift norton click here

you can only have ONE INSTALLED antivirus program on a computer as you may have now foumd out ;and there are plenty off free ones out there

  Totally-braindead 23:35 12 Nov 2007

As the others have said you can only have one anti virus program running on your PC. If theres more than one they will interfere with each other meaning that neither will work properly. In effect its to a certain degree like not having any anti virus at all. And thats computer suicide if you use it on the internet as sooner or later, probably sooner it will get infected.
Take brundles and p;3s advice. Get rid of one of them.

To answer your question about putting McAfee to sleep, you MIGHT be able to disable it temporarily but it would probably startup again the next time you switch the PC on. Its differcult to say and it may well be rather differcult to do this and I for one wouldn't attempt it. Theres no real advantage in having 2 anti virus programs and many disadvantages and complications.

Save yourself the headache and just get rid of one of them.

  p;3 08:29 13 Nov 2007

now that you have found this forum you may find that it is far wiser and probably ultimately safer for the computer to seek advise first before grappling with seemingly impossible tasks that take many hours to perform only to discover that one has done,espesially in your case, the wrong thing

looks as though BOTH items you have taken on board are pricey? I am guessing you are on dial up ?

If Norton took ??2 hours to process? how well is your computer running? very sluggish now?

Norton is a known computer resource hogger;
may one ask WHY you did download the Norton ?

if it is a NEW laptop, strange that Norton was not already preloaded as this seems to be the norm these days? are you sure it is NOT already on there too? and you have somehow ended up with an awful lot of dear Norton on there

ultimately the choice of which ONE antivirus protection you install and use is up to you but there are plenty of free ones out there that work just as well, and often BETTER than some of the hyped up paid for ones;

I might also suggest that when this delightful mess has been sorted you do a full computer scan WITH the ONE you choose to see what you HAVE picked up while running, ,in essense , unprotected;

IF you have system restore enabled you could try that method to wipe BOTH of them off and start again? BUT if you go down THAT route you need to make sure of which antivirus program you DO wish to have there and get the EXE onto the computer ready to load and run and update once the others are definitly OFF; as far as I am aware the system restore will NOT have the effect of removing that exe

  p;3 11:59 13 Nov 2007

this has been marked as resolved but it is normally polite to tell helpers and those who also seek guidance how you DID resolve it

  p;3 22:40 13 Nov 2007

I beleive I have just had a PM from this board; can the problem whatever it is please be discussed on open forum ?

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