Norton 'bloomin' Firewall

  Dinkiz 16:17 15 Sep 2004

Hi All,
I have Norton Firewall 2002 installed on my Win XP Professional system. More often than not I have to disable and re-enable it to get into some sites. Mostly those requiring a password ie bank site but sometimes normal viewing sites. Is there a simple answer to this i.e. Bin it and get 2004 or just buy another brand?

Thanks in advance,
Dinkiz ;o)

  stylehurst 17:07 15 Sep 2004

I would strongly suggest Zone Alarm Pro instead of Norton.
ZA seem to have sorted out the problems with Version 5

  gold 47 17:16 15 Sep 2004

Zone alarm can't beat it far better than Norton Firewall.

  Tog_ 17:16 15 Sep 2004

Check your cookie settings and if 2002 has a setting for Personal Information, check what's in there as well.

I have had a jaded view of Norton since their so-called support department recommended I get round my problem with the size of their updates by not downloading the files! (I have a dial-up modem so 12Mb is no joke, especially if it drops the connection.) Plus reinstalling auto-updater every other week...blah, blah

There are free versions out there, try them for nothing, it can't hurt. Or if you have an old machine sat around doing nothing, buy a couple of network cards, a crossover cable and build yourself a dedicated firewall using Smoothwall.

  Dinkiz 17:20 15 Sep 2004

Hi Guys,
Two of you have mentioned ZoneAlarm Pro....what is it that makes this so good and do you just download it from them?


  Dinkiz 17:22 15 Sep 2004

Me again....I need to upfate my Anti Virus aswell. Should I go for the Zone Alarm package?


  Androcles 17:30 15 Sep 2004

For anti-virus:-click here
AVG Anti-Virus version 7.0 Product Download and for your firewall:-click here;jsessionid=A1FhYWELHTDV9sW5Q0YllUTkDtgUAhmwapzuTnBnIIeF2kmBkdCA!1528543897!-1062696905!7551!7552!-1482804765!-1062696904!7551!7552?lid=nav_za
Zone Labs: Download & Buy go for the free version of both programs.Regards.

  VoG II 17:35 15 Sep 2004
  Dinkiz 17:37 15 Sep 2004're all stars.
Thanks for helping out so quickly....Top Rate!!!!


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