Norton av upgrades

  kingussie 05:52 19 May 2005

My 2004 Norton Av subscription is due for renewal.Question....Do I go for the 2004 renewal and no problems or do I go for the 2005 upgrade and risk all the problems I see on helpdesks getting it to run properly. I note 2005 has worm stopping capabilities. Is this good. I am worried about downloading 2005 in case it brings my world crashing down and I note that norton is less than helpful on addressing problems. A computer literate friend thinks I have a virus on my hard drive which needs complete cleaning. Finally, I note that Mcaffee seems good and also has worm removal tools..... what do you think

  Diodorus Siculus 07:34 19 May 2005

Why not get rid of Norton altogehter and go for one of the free options. Both AVG from Grisoft and Avast from click here are excellent and used by many people on this forum. Personally, I use Avast free version and find it very good.

  Andsome 08:23 19 May 2005

I would definitely stick with what you have. I still use Norton System Works 2003, which includes the AV program. I swear by it. None of the free programs can touch it for results. I tried McAffee once and uninstalled it pretty quickly. Compare the different programs on here.

click here

  wx622 09:48 19 May 2005

Have used Norton Antivirus for 6 years- no problems ever. The only thing is: if you can, buy the full version of Norton AV/NIS 2005, do not do an upgrade. You will have no problems installing the new version, but upgrading can prove to be a bit of a hassle.

  Esso43 10:36 19 May 2005

AVg is trial for 30 days unless I am missing something?

Norton av does a good job for me.

I have not updated from 2004 to 05 but would if it was an earlier version as the engine was improved.

  Pine Man 13:55 19 May 2005

Stick with Norton.

You will see lots of gripes on here about Norton products but I have been using them for at least ten years without any major problem.

Yes there have been occasional glitches but their web site is very good and on one occasion I had a problem with Norton Ghost and had one to one email assistance with their tech support.

Most reports suggest that the difference between 2004 and 2005 is negligable.

  stylehurst 14:54 19 May 2005

I was recently in the same position as yourself in that my Norton AV/System Works 2003 needed renewal. Cost of renewal was approx £23 local Staples store had upgrade to Norton SW for £29. Opted for the upgrade; everything installed perfectly without any problems on a system running W2k.
I have used Norton Utilities & A/V since the days of Dos; wouldn't use anything else especially not MacAfee products

  JYPX 14:58 19 May 2005

No need to fix something that is not broken. My advice would be to renew 2004. I am still using 2003 and the auto updates are coming through without any problems so you should be ok with 2004 for another 12 months.

  Pine Man 15:33 19 May 2005

Further to JYPX if your HDD is a bit cluttered why not reformat it, reinstall your software and Norton AV will start your subscrption from day one!

  JYPX 18:00 19 May 2005

That's very naughty Pine Man. Something like that would never have occured to me......!

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