Norton AV Updates

  javaBalls 14:26 16 Jul 2004

I have Norton Av 2004.

I also have broadband and norton is automatically configured to update every week.

Having broadband means that there is no hassle in downloading the updates whenever they come out.

However, I have reconmended to my friends that they also install Norton AV. However my friends only have a dial up connection and they do not go online very often. So I think that it would be a pain in the neck for them to download the updates when they connect to the internet.

Is there a way that I can save my updates and virus definitions to file and install it on their PC for them?

  Southernboy 15:07 16 Jul 2004


  ventanas 15:34 16 Jul 2004

I use Norton AV here at work with BB, and at home with dialup. The dialup connection is never a real problem, even the larger updates complete in about 10 minutes. All your friends have to do is dial in and check every few days. I would think that is far quicker than waiting for you to come round with the downloaded definitions, which I believe is all you can get as a downloadable file. They will still have to connect to get any other updates.

The only really long download is the first one after the program has just been installed, but these can be got in stages.

  Podsville 15:34 16 Jul 2004

Javaballs,, do you mean the virus definition updates only because if so they dont take long even on a 56K modem. After all its worth the time is it not?
Cheers P

  GaT7 15:38 16 Jul 2004

I'm unsure about the legality issue as Southernboy mentions but he does have a point for obvious reasons.

You could download some NAV updates from click here, but whether you're allowed to install them on another PC just because it is not often connected to the Internet is another matter.

I would go with ventanas' suggestions but if those are not options then it may be worth asking Symantec directly what can be done in this instance by going to click here & following the onscreen 'wizard'. Make yourself very clear as some of the support is handled by third-world countries (no offence intended) & they often give you answers that are off the main issue. From experience they usually reply in 1-3 working days.

Good luck & let's know how you get on - it'll be interesting to hear their views about this. HTH, G

  anchor 15:57 16 Jul 2004

I assume that your friends have a valid licence for their Norton A/V.

That being the case I really cannot see any legal problem in you downloading the definition file from the Norton site, using the option "save to disc". You could then copy this to a CD, pen-drive or similar, and install it for them on their PC. This would be about a 5Mb file.

They could then use "live-update" weekly to keep up-to-date, this would only involve quite a small time on line.

Should their renewal date have passed, then as I recall, the updates won`t install until the renewal fee is paid.

  citadel 19:30 16 Jul 2004

I have dial up and have no problems with norton updates as they only take a few minutes.

  Sir Radfordin 19:38 16 Jul 2004

Even if you download the updates from the NAV site then you can only install the new definitions when you have a valid version of NAV installed. Nothing wrong in you doing that, but as people have said the files are normally fairly small and won't be a problem for even the most time-short dial up user.

  javaBalls 20:22 16 Jul 2004

Thank you all for your comments.

Yes my friends have purchased their own copy of NAV. But I'm not sure about the legality of transferring updates and legal definitions.

It seems that I have over estimated the strain of downloading virus definitions with a dial-up.

I think I will just leave the downloads for them to do. Because:
1. Apparently it does not take very long on a dial up connection.
2. It would also mean that I would not be responsible for coming round to their house every so often with a disk of virus definitions.

Thanks for making me see sense!

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