Norton AV problem

  [email protected] 09:59 17 May 2004

I've just reinstalled my C Drive from a ghost image I made 4 months ago - all appears well apart from Norton AV (I have Systemworks 2003pro installed.)
For some reason the virus definitions are displaying that they have not been updated since 14th Jan (just before the image was made).

It appeared to update Systemworks happilly enough & install updates (6mb since January) but for some reason its not being recognised in the programme itself.

I appear to be able to repeatedly download a 212kb virus definition and again it appears to install itself.

I have another 6 months subscription left so its not that.

I know the easy answer is to uninstall and reinstall but I'm still on 56k and downloading all the updates takes forever!

  Tog 12:29 17 May 2004

Do you use LiveUpdate? If so, have a look at the Symantec support website (possibly error LU6004) If not, at least I've bumped your post back up the list.

  [email protected] 07:21 18 May 2004

Cheers Tog

Tried that but didn't help.

Bit the bullet & reinstalled last night - 56k is sloooowwwwwww - never mind broadband hits my backwater in one month :-)

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