Norton AV 2003 Times out when sendind mail.

  Snakey 21:16 15 Apr 2004

I am running Norton Internet Security 2003 on XP Home. Both Windows and NIS are up-to-date.

When I send mail through Outlook Express the system still notifies me that Norton is scanning my outgoing Mail even though I have disabled it in the Options. I then get a time-out error and cannot send emails.

Help Please.

  Wilham 22:03 15 Apr 2004

Snakey: Just a suggestion, select Start, Search, All files and folders, All or part of file name,...Write norton and click search.

Look for duplicate entries in the listing.

Norton2003 was a nuisance with my outgoing OE mail until I disabled it in the norton options.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:04 15 Apr 2004

Check what your smtp servers are - they should be those of the ISP you are connected via.

  esbe 22:59 15 Apr 2004

Hi,had the same problem (Win Me), Unticked 'Hang up when finished' in the send /receive/ tasks pop up box,now all ok.

  GaT7 23:01 15 Apr 2004

Open NIS. Go to Options -> Norton Antivirus -> Email. Click on Email -> Advanced. Uncheck the 'Display progress indicator...' box. (At the same time make sure the 'Protect against timeouts' box is checked.). Press OK. Now check to see if this problem recurs.

If the above doesn't work open NIS again. Go to Options -> Internet security -> Email. Uncheck the 'Progress indicator' box. Press OK & recheck to see how things behave.

Also see -click here - the error message may not be exactly the same as you're experiencing but it contains some t'shooting tips if you're unable to send emails. And - click here - to t'shoot problems when sending & scanning is enabled.

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