Norton AV

  toonfireman1 13:53 10 Apr 2004

I have just installed the above and down loaded the updates.
Now my computer is so slow its a joke, is this usual,It has also crashed twice,dont tell me I have paid good money for trouble.
XP pro
Any help

  ade.h 14:04 10 Apr 2004

A lot of Norton users have had trouble with the 2004 AV and Firewall products, although I have had no problems with the Internet Security all-in-one. In your case, I can only suggest disabling the Auto-protect, as it is not as essential as regular scans and a Firewall (which only really needs to be running when you're internet connection is active). Try disabling one at a time to see if it makes any difference.

  bremner 14:11 10 Apr 2004

I would have thought auto protect was an essential - Prevention is surely better than cure.

  VoG II 14:13 10 Apr 2004

I agree with bremner.

I would leave it for a while and see if it settles down. I installed Norton on Daughter's laptop a while ago. It ran like treacle for a while whilst (I presumed) Norton did a scan of everything in the background.

  961 14:22 10 Apr 2004

Turn it off and see if the speed improves

Check auto update isn't checking every few minutes

Regular visitors to this forum know that Norton can argue with various things and programmes and cause mayhem bit like Craig Bellamy and referees

If speed does get back to normal after switch off then turn on bit by bit. If AV is working properly then auto scanning of everything in sight should not be necessary

  ade.h 14:41 10 Apr 2004

I tend to leave Auto-protect off if I'm not connected to the internet and need plenty of system resources free for a specific task (like video editing or 3D graphics). I've always used Norton in this way and never had a virus in six years of computing, but leaving it on when I can does give extra peace of mind. I find it can be a bit resource hungry on my PC.

  rickimalone 15:08 10 Apr 2004

What system are you running it on???? specs?????

Anything less than 512mb RAM P4 2.4 Or AMD 2400+ is not enough in my experience of Norton, having used the products for 5years.

Have a look at your startup menu and task menu proccess and see if you can lose a few programs to free up some power.

  Gaz 25 15:37 10 Apr 2004


I am running Norton 04 on a 750MHz AMD chip with 256Mb Ram.

  rickimalone 16:36 10 Apr 2004

Although the box says that you can run it by far with thouse spec's im afraid that it is just to resource intensive for your setup...

Remember symantec offer a 60days money back offer....... although an upgrade of ram may speed things up for you..

  anchor 16:47 10 Apr 2004

I have Norton A/V 2004, and do not notice any slow down, nor have crashes; using XP-Pro. Auto protect is on. My Firewall is Zone Alarm Pro.

True, I have 767Mb of Ram (or so AIDA32 says).

  rickimalone 16:47 10 Apr 2004

I strongly would not advise you to turn off auto-protect as a solution, you might as well take it back.........

Leaving it to settle is very much advised as I had noticed improvements with Norton on my last PC after letting it settle....AMD1500+...256mb PC2100 DDR............. However on my old system even with a very selective startup process and very well looked after system it still was a massive drain..........

I installed Norton VA and Firewall on my mothers AMD2400+....512MB PC2700 DDR........ and this system copes with it very well with alot of programs running at once...

All friends that have it all had problems with anything less than 512MB RAM so again it might be well worth upgrading yours...

Hope all gets sorted............

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