Norton Antivirus software Upgrade or subscriptio

  Chrisann 12:37 22 Jan 2003
  Chrisann 12:37 22 Jan 2003

My Norton Antivirus software which I installed last February is apparently due for a subscription or I can purchase an upgrade...last year I upgraded but not sure this year what is the best option...If I send off an annual subscription to Symatec is this secure etc. it is obviously cheaper than the new version but which...Advice anyone...Thanks

  ChrisP 12:42 22 Jan 2003

I sent off the subscription for one more year. Symantec have devised a very clever pricing policy. I don't recall having to pay half as much for a subscription before but, on the other hand, I don't see much advantage in the upgrade. In due course it may be worth while next year looking at one of the packages widely advertised online.

  jazzypop 12:46 22 Jan 2003

According to Cnet at click here , just renew your subscription - the upgrade from NAV2002 to 2003 is simply not worth it.

The Symantec site is a very secure site.

  obbit 12:52 22 Jan 2003

Hi folks

i prefer AVG anti-virus it's free and very easy to use. I found Norton very difficult and intrusive. AVG gets my vote over Norton

best wishes


  Tog 13:03 22 Jan 2003

I upgraded to NIS 2003 because it includes features like parental control and access level accounts. Excellent choice for a family, only intrusive if you use the higher levels of security and visit new websites. Never bombed and easy to use.

The Anti Virus that comes free with NIS has never intruded other than to warn me about a backdoor attempt and I wouldn't call that an intrusion, just helpful.

NO, I don't work for Symantec and yes I have tried the freebies. They work well and since they have been used by more and more people they are far less buggy. Can't knock 'em, excellent software, they just don't have all the facilities that I want.

  Tog 13:08 22 Jan 2003

Getting back to the original post, if you are happy with what your version of NAV does, just subscribe to an update. Only upgrade if you're unhappy with the way your version works.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it...

  Lead 13:14 22 Jan 2003

I upgraded to NAV 2003 Pro primarily because I am a fool and have to have the most upto date version of everything. ;)

But seriously, it's a very good piece of kit. The real reason I upgraded was it comes with a license for two PCs.

PS You could also try completely uninstalling NAV, then reinstalling it. You never know, it may give you another years subscription. Not, that I'd know of course ;)

  Stuartli 13:19 22 Jan 2003

Anyone who has Pipex as their ISP can download Norton AV free of charge.

But key in Norton AntiVirus software into the Search panel as it's quite difficult to find...:-)

You used to get three years' updates as well but I think it's down to one now. But you can always install the software again from Pipex, although broadband users will be the happier as it's a 36MB download...:-(

  « Ravin » 13:21 22 Jan 2003

i recently upgraded to norton 2003 from 2002, there was hardly any difference, the messenger scanning especially is quite picky but the manual scans aare a hell of a lot faster. not sire if that alone is worth the price tho :o))

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