norton antivirus scandisc starting up

  Dr Grumps 20:16 06 Jan 2003
  Dr Grumps 20:16 06 Jan 2003

Hey, a friend has a older version of norton antivirus and when his computer starts the norton scandisc starts up. win 98 machine. It just started doing it oneday!

I have looked in the settings and there are no obvious settings to turn it off

any ideas i think it is version 7 if there is such a thing!



  spikeychris 20:18 06 Jan 2003

Grahanm I don't use NAV but untick the Norton box in msconfig > startup tab.


  Dr Grumps 09:28 07 Jan 2003

But will that not also disable the autoprotect as well. It is a norton scandisc that starts up. the virus thing does as well but that lasts a few seconds but scandiscs take ages !

so removing from the msconfig i don't think will work

thanks anyway


  JoeC 10:12 07 Jan 2003

it is not Norton Utilities he has ? There is an option in that to replace the normal Windows Scandisc with Norton Scandisc. As far as I am aware, NAV does not have this facility - at least the ones I have do not ( NAV 2000 onwards ). Just checking, you understand !! : }

  spikeychris 11:42 07 Jan 2003

For NAV 2000/2001:

1. Start NAV, and then click Options. If a submenu appears, then click Norton AntiVirus.

2. Click Startup Scan.

3. Untick "Scan system files at startup," and then click OK.


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