Is Norton Antivirus problematic in XP?

  MeMyself&I 07:57 30 Jan 2003

We purchased a relatively high end system recently including Gigabite Pentium 4 Titan 667 series GA-8PE 667 Ultra / Pro motherboard and Radeon 9000 Pro graphics card. The motherboard came with Norton internet security. We also purchased a Hercules 920 DVI monitor. After 2 months the monitor began to flash on and off for no apparent reason. Sometimes it indicated No DVI or RGP (?) input was found.

We took it back to retailer and used process of elimination to rule out the monitor, and graphics card. He indicated it may have been Norton Antivirus interfering with XP (and subsequently reinstalled all software without XP). He recommeded PC Cillin or VET a virus programs.

I reviewed these programs and, if I can would still prefer Norton.

Are there any similar problems that are known where Norton interferes with program functioning (over other a virus software)? Is the tech guy at the retailer just stabbing in the dark?

I would still like to use Norton internet security but not if it is going to interfere with my computers heatlh.

  golfpro 08:03 30 Jan 2003

I have been running XP home for about 9 months now along with Norton System Works and AV. with no problems at all, so have a lot of my mates, can't see it being that.

  powerless 08:07 30 Jan 2003

Well there are reports of some Norton products not liking XP.

I use NAV2003 with no trouble at all.

I don't see how NAV would intefere with the monitor. How about installing everything expcept NAV?

If there is no troulble then, i suspect NAV is the program that causes your problem.

  powerless 08:09 30 Jan 2003

A retest i mean.

  powerless 08:14 30 Jan 2003

Gigabite wouldn't ship NIS with there motheboards if there was a known problem otherwise there'll be thousands of people reporting a problem.

  STEVE71163 08:17 30 Jan 2003

I use norton antivirus with windows xp with no problems. (It is NAV2003)

  AdventCalendar 08:20 30 Jan 2003

Norton Anti Virus did create problems for me at 1st, but once i re-installed it, it was ok.

Norton System works however has proved to be a right pain!!!

  hoverman 08:26 30 Jan 2003

I use Norton Internet Security 2003 with XP Home - never had a problem.

  MeMyself&I 08:26 30 Jan 2003

System was reinstalled yest without NAV but havn't had chance to use it yet.

Retest sounds good.

Will go home tonight, load many apps and see if same prob occurs. If no probs, that tentitively rules all others out. As I do like interface and reviews of Norton I will reinstall it (still got 9 months subscription) and hope that it was a freak problem. This will hopefully be the cheapest option. If probs occur 2nd time round may opt for PC Cillin or VET.

What do you think?

Will run system with many apps without Norton.

  Andsome 08:37 30 Jan 2003

I have never run anything other than Norton System Works, since have severe problems with Command AV. On my current machine which was new last week I am using System Works 2003, on XP Home with SP1 pre installed before any other programs.

  goonerbill 10:13 30 Jan 2003

Have winxp pro, with nortons system works 2002 and internet security 2002. all has run well for around 4 months. reading ya thread, ya say that everything was ok for about 2 months then the problem started to appear. if there was a problem with nortons it probably would have started earlier. i think ya problem is to do with the graphics card, as ya say sometimes ya get a message saying no dvi or rgb input found. could also be a problem with the agp port on the mobo. maybe someone else will have more insight to your problem.

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