norton antivirus and personal firewall.

  NGE 15:54 26 Mar 2004

Hi, im currently using these programs to keep my computer safe. Does anyone know how much memory these programs use? If i didnt have them would my computer start up much faster? And if so does anyone know of any other programs like this which doesnt use as much memory? I would like for my pc to be faster. using windows xp professional. thanks in advance.

  gudgulf 16:04 26 Mar 2004

Norton seems to use less than 15mb on my system.It can take a while to load and it definitely uses a lot of processor time during scans.

My 2.8 gig P4 with 1 gig of ram running xp pro takes 65seconds to boot from cold into the desktop.
What is the rest of your pc spec?

Alternatives such as AVG antivirus and Zone Alarm firewall feature heavily on this site--they are good and free.

  GaT7 16:43 26 Mar 2004

Use a program like Memokit - click here - to check memory used by the different Norton modules (& other running sw) in real time. For a free trial, download from - click here

On my Win98se PC I usually have about 75-80% free resources at startup with Norton Internet security enabled. However, if I disable it I get about 90% free. I had 384Mb Ram sometime ago, now 512Mb but with both NIS used about the same amount/percentage of system resources.

[Note: 1. There is a difference between memory & system resources. For more info - click here. 2. Configure/experiment with Memokit's Options to suit what you want to get out of it. 3. Wouldn't use Memokit for what it claims to do - more of a gimmick & not necessary on a modern Windows XP PC.]

  NGE 17:36 26 Mar 2004

hello gudgulf. My pc specs are as follows. Amd xp2800, 512 mb ram, 80gb hdd and a ati 9200 gfx card. Thanksfor that crossbow, may download that program and give it a try.

  temp003 03:02 27 Mar 2004

You can use Task Manager to have a look at the memory usage. nisum.exe, ccapp.exe, ccevtmgr.exe, ccpxysvc.exe, navapsvc.exe - these are the processes related to nav and norton firewall (may depend on the version). Mine take up about 30MB of memory in total.

Loading at startup can definitely be slow (although after my recent format and reinstall 2 months ago on one machine, they have been loading really fast - but doesn't apply to another computer after format and reinstall - very strange).

With your specs, I don't think your Norton apps will significantly slow you down.

But if you really want to try other apps, AVG and ZoneAlarm are the free favourites. There's also an AV program called NOD32 (not free) which is supposed to be really good and doesn't use much resource.

  NGE 10:13 27 Mar 2004

no it isn't slowing me down, but i think it is just slowing my startup time. CCAPP was using the most memory out of all the antivirus and firewall programs.

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