Norton Antivirus & Live Update problems

  Caine 11:16 28 Jan 2004

I have Norton Antivirus 2000 and recently updated Live Update to version 6. Initially it didn't list the Norton Products and therefore didn't update. I found the solution on their knowledge base and now the list is correct. But it still doesn't update the definitions when I know there are new definitions available. I can't find anything relevant in the knowledge base. Has anyone had similar probs and knows the way round this?

  matt1234 11:54 28 Jan 2004

whyd you get norton their are plenty of good stuff for free that do the same job like avg 6.0 FREE EDITION their is also a firewall called zone alarm they both do super jobs as they both protect my pc

  bretsky 12:36 28 Jan 2004

I think you will find that NAV 2000 is no longer supported by Norton, I seem to remember somebody else having this problem with 2000.

Have you tried searching for a thread on this subject? may be worth a try!


  sattman 13:21 28 Jan 2004

I know that Norton still supports NASV 2000 with help and advice click here

With your problem it may be quicker and easier to uninstall and reinstall Symantec AV

If you have other Norton products such as utility it would be better to remove and install them also as there is a interaction on all Norton programmes and the live update

After install you will have to obtain and install latest definitions.

  Caine 22:02 28 Jan 2004

Thanks folks. It looks like I'm either going to reinstall, upgrade or find a free alternative. I might have a look at avg

Thanks again.

  Caine 14:37 05 Feb 2004

Took your advice matt1234 and downloaded AVG. Up and running in no time. Still a bit frustrated that I had to shelve a good peice of software just because the new version of live update didn't seem to support it. Oh well!

  canute44 14:53 05 Feb 2004

I use Norton Anti Virus 2002 and recently there was an issue with Live Update in that the update disabled the facility until the computer was switched off and rebooted. A patch was released to sort it out. I otherwise have no problems with the program at all. I usually shut down over night and reboot next day.

  Caine 14:34 06 Feb 2004

Thanks Canute44
Have you got a link for the patch?

  anchor 16:47 06 Feb 2004

I suppose its nothing more simple that your 1 year subscription has expired. Excuse me if I am stating the obvious.

  canute44 20:32 06 Feb 2004

The link below comes from one of Nortons bulletins click here
Looking again at it it only appears to be information not actually a patch. Sorry if it is not what you need.

  Caine 21:43 06 Feb 2004

Thanks seekit but I've already been there, and the subscription is up to date. The problem isn't about Automatic Update, which is canute44's link. Live Update activates and lists all my Norton Products, goes on line and links to the site and then tells me that everything is up to date when I know that it isn't!!
Norton2000 and Virus definitions are listed in its products list along with itself 'Live Update'. I can't find anything in the knowledge base that fits this error.

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