Norton antivirus has stooped loading

  Blubottle 12:30 24 Jul 2005

My Pc (OS 2k pro)has started acting up, intermittently it refuses to load Norton antivirus and zone alarm into the systray, the rest seems to load ok and I have a working system apart from an on off flashing hour glass above the mouse pointer.The latest boot saw the norton antivirus icon appear on the systray then after about 15 seconds it has dissappeared I have tried loading it from my program list but nothing happens, this time the Zone Alarm icon has remained in the systray and seems normal. Everything was OK until I recieved two emails from Tiscali, my ISP, one stating "On line user Violation" and the other telling me my I have succesfully updated my password ( this I did not ask for)but downloaded and read all the same.
How do I solve this problem ????

  VoG II 12:32 24 Jul 2005

The chances are that those e-mails contained viruses.

Try an on-line scan click here

Also run Stinger click here

  Blubottle 16:11 25 Jul 2005

thanks voG I tried the Housecall online scan but it does'nt run properly, tried stinger which detected the Qhosts.apd trojan and repaired the infected file.All this did not cure the problem on the next boot, so I tried bitDefender online scan.This has found Win32 .worm.VB.AN,
these have not been cured by the scan which informs me my PC is still infected. I now need to sort out this problem somehow because something has imobilized my Norton Antivirus

  dexstar 16:16 25 Jul 2005

shouldn't have 2 antivirus programs on there anyway.
Try avg from, and pc-cillin from trend.
Uninstall Norton AND the other one.
Reinstall norton and all should be good.
If worried about going online just do the latter.

  dexstar 16:17 25 Jul 2005

uninstall them both, then decide which one you want!
then reinstall. I advise Norton.
2 antivirus = 2 x trouble esp zone alarm.
Sorry mate.

  VoG II 16:24 25 Jul 2005

There's no problem in having an installed anti-virus (in this case Norton) and using on-line scanners (e.g. Panda or Bitdefender). Stinger is not an anti-virus as such.

Blubottle - set your PC to boot from the CD drive click here then restart with the Norton CD in the drive. I believe that this should give you the option to run a virus scan.

  Blubottle 16:30 25 Jul 2005

Dexstar thanks for the reply I only have one antivirus prog that being norton. The online scan from Trend was used because I had to try something to solve this problem (that seems to have a problem) Stinger. was suggested and only that is still resident
I cant log onto the symantec website for help? it will not respond

  Danoh 17:59 25 Jul 2005

The Norton Anti Virus (A/V) standalone product which does not pick up or prevent Trojans, spy-ware, etc., but you seem to have picked up viruses as well as mal-ware which actively seeks out and disables any A/V products it finds (make sure you regularly download recent a/v updates).

However, Symantec's as well as TrendMicro's Housecall will detect and attempt to clear these up as VoG™ has commented.
Symantec's is click here

Then disconnect from the internet, uninstall and reinstall your Zone Alarm firewall. Reboot and check that it is running ok.

Connect to the internet and try to complete online scans with a few scanners (incld the ones VoG™ have mentioned), which if completed successfully will hopefully clear up most of the malware.

Disconnect from the internet and start with booting up with the Norton A/V CD and allow it to do a full system scan, then to progress to a reinstall of Norton A/V. Re-run Norton A/V full scan as it ought to pick up and use the latest a/v update files you have downloaded recently.

  dexstar 00:55 26 Jul 2005

Sorry I thought zone alarm did a/v as well.
Did you try avg?
Their software is good, very good.

  Blubottle 19:40 05 Aug 2005

Many thanks to all who replied,the only thing that worked was to use a Ghost backup off my second HDD.
all suggestions failed. I opened a legitimate looking email from My ISP Tiscali, warning of code violation and another one telling me my password has succesfully changed each had a zipped attachment( yes I know what a pillock). they contained worms and trojans infecting 9 files, and effectively shut off Norton so I could not scan and get rid. "We learn through pain". May the Author and sender rot in hell.

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