Norton Antivirus Detect and Repair programme?

  end 07:03 31 Aug 2004

??is there such a thing please as cannot find it if it exists; am on Win 98se IE6 Norton AV 2003 ; had an "error"message telling me i was "infected" with a "worm" and have done the usual "searches" ; but, am wondering if the Norton itself needs "repairing". when I checked it having switched on, it originaly said that my "autoprotect" was "OFF" which I know I would NOT have left off; am wondering if "something" has "got at it" somehow, and it needs an "MOT". but where do I find it. have looked at the Symantec site with little help.

have restarted several time since all this and have had no further error messages , but need to ensure that the program is running correctly; and, as far as I can tell from the scans I have done, my computer is "clean"(courtesy of generous "off-forum" support from another member yesterday, although I still have some more "tests" to run on that aspect of this).can anyone point me in the right direction please, for a repair of Norton programe, ( dont see the need or nor have the desire to uninstall and reinstall!)

  end 10:59 31 Aug 2004

??any ideas or suggestions anyone please?

  bertiecharlie 11:38 31 Aug 2004

click here to test if NAV is working.
click here= if you need to uninstall and reinstall it.

I'm not aware of a repair programme for Norton and you could end up with more problems if you uninstall and install again. I've read that it doesn't uninstall cleanly. If it's working ok just now, I would leave it for the time being.

  end 21:38 31 Aug 2004

thanks for that; will test it when I am back on tower:)I have run various program on the tower to see if it is infected but all have come back clear;so I want to ensure the Norton IS OK, else little point on it being on there:)

  shizzy 21:54 31 Aug 2004

We had this version of Norton on our other machine and it kept switching Autoprotect off itself. Got rid of it and installed the free AVG which found three infected files. Couldn't get rid of Norton cleanly either so did a format. Hope you have better luck.

  end 22:08 31 Aug 2004

you are really trying to "cheer me up" arnt you::))
I have AVG on lappy, after an intense struggle to get norton on here , and failed:(

Norton on tower expires soon so, just maybe....just maybe; but LORD knows WHY it would suddenly tell me it "is infected" with a worm, even as I only open the thing ; nice "greeting " I thought...NOT!!! and sent me into an evening I coudl "not afford" of downloading and running programs to try and find the horrid thing, assuming it is ON the tower in the first place:)

I have also run trend housecall which "ran clear"..

  VoG II 22:16 31 Aug 2004

Did you run the programs that I advised you to "privately"? If they all reported nothing then I think you are in thre clear.

  end 04:09 01 Sep 2004

have read the "help file" that goes with that Norton Test thing and it feels way too riske for me to even "go down there";

but thanks anyway:)

vog;thanks for those : will "revisit" that "message" and check how may bits i have "run".THINK I still have one or two to go though:(

but everything run so far has come up "clean" and stinger has reportd nowt:)

it is NOT a message I "delight" in seeing that my computer is infected with ANYTHING, and so far "touch wood" i have been "clean" that I know of!!

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