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  fazer 14:19 07 Jul 2006

This is not a question as such but I would like your opinions …….

I am using Norton’s firewall/antivirus software version 2003 and over the years have paid on the dot for their annual subscription for the updates.

Several days ago and as part of the usual updating, something was downloaded from them that has corrupted the software in that every five seconds or so after disabling the software, Norton pop-ups appear informing me that its disabled. Not a problem you may think except that they can not be turned off and every time they appear, they minimise the active window on whatever you are working with. You can’t even keep the pop-ups minimised because if you ignore them they re-appear.

Cutting a long story short, I eventually managed to e-mail Symantec who very kindly advised me that my version is not supported and that I should upgrade to their latest version.

I responded by stating that whilst I accept that my version is not supported, they must take responsibility for their downloads which have in effect, rendered my computer virtually impossible to use. I also pointed out that they did not notify me of any risks associated with this latest download, they have not posted anything on their site, and have yet to offer me any tangible support.

I even suggested to them that if it is deemed that they knowingly uploaded this dodgy update and/or are not offering tangible support to rectify the situation, and only offering, at a price, to upgrade, they could be in breach of Fair Trading legislation.

The response was the same – upgrade to the latest version.

So there you have it – do I pursue my case arguing along the lines of above, or is it a case of more fool me for dealing with Norton/Symantec in the first place? I will value you opinions.

  jimv7 14:20 07 Jul 2006

Bin norton and use the free avg or avast.

  yaesu 14:23 07 Jul 2006

As jimv7, Avast works well here and isn't as resource hungry.Regards, yaesu

  Quiet Life 14:41 07 Jul 2006

I just purchased a new computer that had 60 day free trial of Norton 2006. I swithered whether to run it all as I have had had trouble with every Norton program and find that AVG free is much simpler and seems to work well. Stupidly I ran Norton it and it went wrong and would not open or unintall and I had to download the utility from Norton to get rid of it or almost all of it as some Symantec files were left.
Forget your case and Norton, not worth the agravation.

  fazer 09:47 10 Jul 2006

Ok, thanks guys - I've learnt my lesson.

I'll try AVG as you suggest - presumably this is only an antiviral program as opposed to a Firewall. So is Microsofts XP firewall adequate? - before I turn it back on.

  SANTOS7 10:09 10 Jul 2006

click here
The fre edition of ZoneAlarm is more than adequate for home user PCs.
Runs well with AVG..

  beynac 10:13 10 Jul 2006

XP's firewall is better than nothing but it only protects against incoming traffic. It doesn't protect you against outgoing baddies trying to "phone home".

  Totally-braindead 10:16 10 Jul 2006

A similar thing happened to me which is why I no longer use Norton. If I was aware when I renewed my subscription that they no longer supported it I would have cancelled it. I was pretty angry at the time, they said my subscription fee was only to allow me to download the updates and not for any support. They should have told me this in my opinion.

I deleted Norton and now use AVG.

  fazer 13:03 10 Jul 2006

Thank you everyone.

As I said earlier, I've certainly learnt a lesson.

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