Norton Antivirus 2006

  ykzn 15:37 23 Aug 2006

Hi all!

I a, having this issue with Norton Antivirus 2006. After installing it. Both my CD-R & CD-RW drives' icons in the my computer never changes to display the proper icon of the program of the disc that I inserted into them. And what's worse, no more Auto Play.

When i left a CD in a drive and restart the computer, then the proper icon shows up but continue to show even until after the CD is ejected.

But After I have uninstalled it, everything works fine again.

So, can anyone please tell me what the problem is and how I can fix it? Or is it a normal issue or just some bug that can be fixed by simply updating with some kind of patch?

Thanks! Really hope to hear from you ASAP!

  DHeron 17:26 23 Aug 2006

I have had Norton for 2 years and have never had a problem with them. I can Auto Play and the icon comes up corrertly.

If brought from a shop

Maybe you should take it back you brought it (as it may just be faulty) or get the shop to check it in front of you.

If brought on the internet

Send them an e-mail and maybe they maybe able to advise you on how to resolve the issue you have.

Good luck, what ever you do!!

  skell 20:37 23 Aug 2006

There have been so many threads in many forums containing the pros and cons about Norton 2006. the pros are general things about how it works ok for some and have had no trouble with it at all. but as for the cons, i dont think there are enough characters for me to type to tell you about them.

However, although im not actually able to tell you why your having the trouble you are having, i can say that i have read that other people have had the same problem or similar. after installing Norton 2006 some icons and even hard disk allocations have completely vanished.

Personaly i havent had any trouble with norton but saying that i use the 2003 version.

decide what you will but i suggest you scan through some previous threads in pc advisor and see what you find and hopefully you might find your answer.

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