Norton Anti-Virus subscription

  Trikie 12:34 20 Apr 2004

Last September a local computer firm removed Blaster virus and installed Norton Anti-Virus 2003 on my DV500 XP. They did not leave a disc (and despite several promises after I phone have still not done so).The subscription service is shown as "Not Installed".

Have I been short changed?

  ventanas 12:40 20 Apr 2004

Two questions: Did you pay for it, and does it update normally?

  Taff36 12:42 20 Apr 2004

I think so. Presumably you can`t get the weekly updates if the subscription service is missing. What did you pay for the software and did you get a receipt for it. If so you are entitled to the disk or at least a fully working 12 month subscription to NAV.

  Xevious 13:16 20 Apr 2004

or maybe you've been ripped off? did they sell you a full version or the 90-day version???

  Taff36 13:20 20 Apr 2004

Ah! Forgot about the 90 day trial version but if that had been installed throughout the last month an expiry warning would appear regularly! It just started on mine this week - renewal next month.

  Xevious 13:25 20 Apr 2004

but would it flag up if liveupdate was disabled?

  Trikie 13:35 20 Apr 2004

I paid £69 for the virus removal and Norton AntiVirus.

The System Status screen shows
Virus Definitions 06/02/2004,
Subscription service:not installed,
Live update:On

I get a daily up-date message with 5 items, the first is AntiVirus Definitions and when I go for this I get the message "LU1844 - Coupled Groups aborted with no abort Text"

The other 4 - Symantec Redirector, Symantec Common Driver SymEvent, Live update and Live Reg are all ticked and the current message is that they are all up to date.

  Taff36 13:39 20 Apr 2004

Thinking about it my automatic live update is switched off. It is only if I check for updates that the expiry message appears so if Trikie didn`t ever update it might have never appeared on the screen!

  Xevious 13:41 20 Apr 2004

as don't know what they would have charged for the virus removal on it's own, that way we could deduct how much you paid for the AV ...

as a guide (but not the cheapest) a certain PC shop that we ALL know and love (?) charge about £40.00 for the latest Norton AV2004, but i think (Taff36 plz confirm) that the 90-day trial is free? or cheap anyway...

if it's the full version, you certainly need the disk. also sounds like it's corrupt and needs reinstalling, so get that disk! unfortunately it's too far down the line to get them to do it for free for you though, but they do owe you a disk!!!!

  Taff36 13:48 20 Apr 2004

click here

I still think the subscription service has run out but see if this helps.

  Trikie 19:21 20 Apr 2004

Thanks everyone. I think the £69 was £30 to remove the virus, making Norton £39. I've got the invoice but it's not itemised.

Time to go back to push for the CD and try to get he 12 month subscription.

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