norton anti virus

  werzal 20:53 11 Oct 2006


i have ticked had norton installed for a while now but recently i decided to higher the protection on it as its set at medium i set it to high now i cant do anything like be redirected and it keeps giving me pop ups. i have tried to change back what i have done but to no avail. is there anyway i can uninstall then re install using my key code or wont that work as it has been registered or is there a major reset to default settings button?

  Jackcoms 20:54 11 Oct 2006

What about System Restore to a time before you made the changes to Norton?

  handy4x 20:57 11 Oct 2006

norton will usualy reinstall 5 times then you have to phone up to reactivate it so shouldnt be a problem

  werzal 20:59 11 Oct 2006

i havent done a system backup for a while so i would loose too much so not really the best option

  werzal 21:01 11 Oct 2006

i have just been to the norton website b4 they give u their phone number u have to fill in a form i then got the phone number but its wrong. i dont suppose u have the number cause i cant find it?

  Legolas 21:02 11 Oct 2006

If you can do without Norton altogether and use free stuff you would see a increase in the performance in your system. I used to use Norton and I was surprised at how much my system speeded up when I uninstalled it. It is a notorious hogger of system resources. To answer you original question you can uninstall and reinstall and use the code and all should be well.

  Jackcoms 21:03 11 Oct 2006

"i havent done a system backup for a while so i would loose too much"


You won't lose anything by doing a system restore.

System Restore does NOT have any effect on your Word or Excel documents or e-mails, etc.

It only restores the computer's operating system/files to an earlier time.

  werzal 21:05 11 Oct 2006

sorry was getting confused my husband has not set a restore point (idiot) and he says hes the brains typical men!! so i still cant do that then

  Jackcoms 21:08 11 Oct 2006

"my husband has not set a restore point"

He doesn't have to set a restore point, Windows does it automatically.

Unless System Restore is disabled - which is not a wise option. :-((

  werzal 21:08 11 Oct 2006

i mite just use freebies when this one runs out but we've paid for it now so may aswell use it. i will try uninstalling then installing and fingers crossed! any ideas on any good freebies or sites? just incase this doesnt work i i get that annoyed with it i just bin it

  Jackcoms 21:13 11 Oct 2006

I use this (having dumped Norton about a year ago). Excellent. click here

Or click here

Both are regularly recommended in this Forum.

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