Norton Anti Virus 2003 - Live Update problem

  akpak 19:34 17 Dec 2005

I'm running Norton Internet Security 2003 (including NAV 2003) with XP Home (SP1), on two separate PCs. NIS was pre-installed on both of them, and so far it's been simplest to keep on using it and paying the annual subscription. I know there are other products available which many people say are better, but for various reasons (including the difficulty in removing Norton) I'd prefer to try to get NIS/NAV working properly again.

My problem is that since an NAV program update on 7 Dec (NB - update to the program, not virus definitions), Live Update hasn't been working properly. It downloads virus definitions and appears to install them, but then I get error message LU1844. This has happened repeatedly, on both PCs. I did a manual update a few days ago, but since doing it that way involves a download of around 10MB and I'm using dial-up, it's not something I want to do too often. For the same reason I'm reluctant to uninstall/reinstall (with a huge backlog of updates and definitions), which was one of the suggestions in the Symantec knowledge base.

I tried talking to Tech Support, but as it's an old version they couldn't help, though I did ask if they could report it as a fault, in the hope of some kind of fix being put out. Their only suggestion was to upgrade to NIS 2006, though if a major change is needed, I'd prefer to look at other options as well.

Has anyone else had this problem, and is there a solution?

Thanks for any help.

  Methedrine 19:51 17 Dec 2005

akpak wrote

I know there are other products available which many people say are better,

Yes there are and yes they are. Just bite the bullet, get rid of Norton and use AVG or any of the other free AV's that we all recommend.

  SANTOS7 19:58 17 Dec 2005

click here
click here
I'm with Methedrine on this one, the links will help

click here
click here
alternatives here, good luck.....

  akpak 20:25 17 Dec 2005

Thanks for the quick responses, but as I said above, I am already aware of other products, and from looking at the posts on this forum I know that some of you will not hesitate to recommend them.

However, that's not what I'm looking for at this stage. Until a fortnight ago I was pretty satisfied with NIS/NAV 2003, and I've still got quite a few months of my NIS subscription to run, which I'm not inclined to waste. So at this stage I'm wanting to know if there might be a way to solve the problem, rather than run away from it.

If I do eventually decide to change and need any advice on alternatives, I'll post a thread with that in the subject.

  mobileman1953 20:25 17 Dec 2005

click here

do this help

  akpak 20:32 17 Dec 2005

Thanks, mobileman1953 - but been there, tried that - as far as Section 4, anyway. The only other one that seems to apply to my setup is Section 5 (uninstall/reinstall) - so I'm left hoping that Symantec might realise there's a problem and fix it, unless anyone has any other ideas...?

  squillary 00:26 18 Dec 2005

If you're insistent on retaining NIS you've already run through the options, so you have to bite the bullet and either uninstall\reinstall (to an unsupported version again) or go with the upgrade to a supported version that lets you use the automated troubleshooter in the event of any future problem. The difficulty you describe is possibly down to some file corruption so I don't think there's a lot of choice left to you.

Do you have NIS disks to reinstall from? If not, upgrades (about £40) do contain the full version and you'll still have to uninstall your existing versions, with the possibility of bits being left behind (I've had that problem myself before now).

If that means you'll investigate the free options suggested by others, it's your individual choice (I wouldn't, but that's just me).

Either way, I wouldn't hang on to old versions of NIS or XP SP1 - the cost in time and trouble if things go wrong is more than just the price.

  akpak 14:36 18 Dec 2005

Thanks, squillary. I'd just about come to the conclusion that unless NIS/NAV somehow rights itself, I'm going to have to uninstall it as the first step to doing something, though what that will be is currently unclear. I agree that reinstalling the 2003 version would be fairly pointless, but I'll carry on with occasional manual updates for a bit, while looking at possible replacements and hoping that Symantec will make this unnecessary for a bit longer...

  realist 17:06 18 Dec 2005

I have NAV 2001 and uninstall/reinstall every 12 mths to resume free liveupdate. Never had a virus yet.

  frizzie 23:02 19 Dec 2005


There may be hope, albeit slim, that Norton will come up with a solution for you. I'm running Norton Systemworks 2003 with NAV bundled. Also running Norton's Personal Firewall 2003 (separate program).

A couple months ago while updating the redirector via liveupdate, during the reboot process, I heard a LOUD TWANG and the system froze and would not reboot. I had to restore a backup (ALWAYS BACKUP). Instead of going thru that again, I ignored the redirector update (unchecked it) whenever I ran liveupdate. One day I didn't see it listed in the updates. The next day, it was back. I continued to ignore it -- just d/l and installed the virus definitions, etc. (manually) until a couple weeks ago. I was feeling brave or extremely foolish and allowed redirector to d/l and it installed without a hitch. Norton may have discovered a glitch in the redirector that they fixed? "Only the Shadow knows."

Last week when I ran liveupdate, I saw this message along with the red X for the virus defintions: "LU1844: While the virus definitions were being downloaded, an error occurred. Please try running LiveUpdate again later." The virus definitons are now as of 11/23 and will not update -- I get that message everytime I run liveupdate. My subscription is good until Feb. 2006.

I'm hoping that maybe like the redirector problem, this virus definition update problem will disappear but I'm not optimistic. I DO NOT want to try to uninstall Systemworks and reinstall a more current version on this 7 year old computer.

Let us pray! <g>

ps any suggestions as to how to possibly fix the LU1844 virus definition problem, would be appreciated.

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