Norton Anti Spam 2005

  david.h 14:59 28 Oct 2004

I cannot get my head round this program, it came on Norton internet security. All it seems to do is to dump email in its own folder, i click on this is or is not spam and outlook freezes [using outlook 2002]it does not seem to be able to bounce email or prevent blocked email arriving.
Outlooks own organise email does a better job as does mailwasher. Tried to remove the program from outlook but it just reinstalls itself when I open outlook again.
I know there is a lot of anti Norton readers outthere but bar this one program I like Norton products.
Anyone mastered this program and can offer help please, the manual and Symantecweb site do do offer much help

  recap 15:45 28 Oct 2004

MailWasher Pro is a far better program I have found. You can try it for 30 days or buy it for $37.

  david.h 16:37 28 Oct 2004

I had mailwasher prior to this install, and was pleased with it, I am still trying to master this anti spam with norton but getting nowhere I sure it is not as dreadful as it appears but I cannot configure it to be of any use.
If I get no where mailwasher will be back on my pc.

  whybe 17:33 28 Oct 2004

I get this as well using Outlook 2002 and NIS 2004. I have found that if the email has gone into the antispam folder and it is spam it is best to click on the Empty Antispam button it then sends it to deleted items and delete from there. If something come into your inbox which is spam, click this is spam and wait about 30 seconds when you will probably get a box mentioning the email is trying to access your address book. I then click no and it deletes. I have found though that it sometimes requires a couple of clicks to confirm before NIS will do something. Not a solution I am afraid only a sort of workaround.

  david.h 18:37 28 Oct 2004

I never had 2004 I upgraded from 2003 so this is new to me, Ihave the problems as you mention plus not being able to bounce the spam back or prevent blocked mail landing in outlook. If this is it's limits I cannot see why norton bothered to put on the disc as it worthless

  whybe 19:10 28 Oct 2004

I am inclined to agree with you as to its worth. However if you do get NIS to give you the two windows I mentioned it does add the email address to a blocked list. However bearing in mind most spam use one off addresses it seems pretty pointless. Bouncing it back might just go to a dead letter box or inform the spammer they have found an active account for more spam. I think it is best just to delete.

  david.h 19:32 28 Oct 2004

I think your right,perhaps next year they will bring up to the standard they have for the firewall and antivirus

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