norton anivirus

  Proxy worm 18:12 25 Sep 2003

i am going to buy nav2004 soon and was wadering does it have antiviru AND firewall?

does anyone know where i can get a good value one?

  OneSirKnight 18:23 25 Sep 2003

if you look here this will give you all the details about the program, and you can download a free firewall from sygate personal firewall free.

click here

  Proxy worm 18:25 25 Sep 2003

so does it have firewall or not?

  Proxy worm 18:26 25 Sep 2003

sory people i ment internet securit?

  A15 18:27 25 Sep 2003

I do not think that NAV 2004 includes a firewall, but if you are just a home user why not try a free firewall? I use Sygate standard from: click here It really is quite good & gives me all the protection I need. I used to use Norton's firewall until my subscription ran out & I thought I would try some free versions. There are lots of other out there & plenty of suggestions on this site!

  Proxy worm 18:37 25 Sep 2003

avg is free- any others

  siouxah1 18:58 25 Sep 2003

Have recently purchased NAV 2004 Prof. It does not have a firewall included.

This ia also a piece of software that requires activation as per MS XP.

But the prof has two machine licenses.

Regards Brian j

  esbe 20:48 25 Sep 2003

Hi ,my daughter has just got Norton Internet Security 2004, and yes it has a firewall. cheers.

  accord 20:48 25 Sep 2003

NIS2004 does include a firewall and an antivirus and spamblocker and spyblocker thingy.

  Gaz 25 21:09 25 Sep 2003

I have had problems with norton in the past, however still use it as a corporate VPN firewall.

But on my laptop I have found NOD32 or Panda Antivirus Platinum to be good.

NOD - Never missed a virus in the wild.

Panda - Daily updates, Auto protection, Firewall (Two way, stateful inspection) Auto clean and many more features.

Its up to you anyway. Just a suggestion.

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