Norton Ad Blocking : Failure- Cannot Start

  livewire 21:57 12 Dec 2004

I have NIS 2004 and today Ad Blocking stopped working. I have tried:

Disabling and re-enabling
Live Update
System Restore
Anti-virus check
AD-aware deep scan
Spybot S + D

Any suggestions on repairng this issue? I dont really want to re-install becuase eveything else works, Firewall, AntiSpam and Privacy Control. Plus I would have to install 2001,2002,2003 and then 2004 because I have purchased 'upgrade' editions all this time...

Any suggestions would be welcomed! Thanks!

  livewire 23:04 12 Dec 2004

Oh oh!

This is interesting! Ad Blocking isnt working on my other computer running NIS 2004 either!


There is something fishy going on around here...

  bretsky 23:50 12 Dec 2004

Live update common client perhaps?? many people have been complaining about NAV/NIS this week and this seems to be the problem- a recent update seems to have sent these programs up the shoot, search this site for threads on this subject.

I use Panda av, much better.

bretsky ;0)

  livewire 19:19 13 Dec 2004


Thanks for the reply- I have indeed recently perform Live Update on NIS which seems to have caused the problem. Should I wait until the next update? Is there any other way of fixing Ad-Blocking?


  bretsky 21:08 13 Dec 2004

This is a starting point click here the knowledge base for a more in depth answer.

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 21:16 13 Dec 2004

should be "search the knowledge base etc etc".

In my experience of anything to do with Norton, is to uninstall and reinstall after trying all their cures which never work, that's why I ditched Norton, to much like hard work-unnecessary

bretsky ;0)

  livewire 21:24 13 Dec 2004


Checked the Knowledge base first thing- not articles seem to solve the problem. :(

I have just sent a technical support request to Norton...

Thanks for your help!

  livewire 18:10 14 Dec 2004

Firefox, with Ad-blocking suits me nicely until Symantec bother to reply to my support request. Thank god Firefox!

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