Norton 360 V4 - Emsis Antimalware compatability

  compumac 16:18 24 Aug 2010

Does anyone know of any conflicts using Norton 360 V4 alongside Emsis Antimalware?

  compumac 20:31 24 Aug 2010


  sunnystaines 21:20 24 Aug 2010

if you get no joy here try norton forums

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  HWJC 02:22 25 Aug 2010

N360 includes anti-virus and anti-malware (and firewall, HIPS, rootkit detection etc), so having another as well would be redundant. N360 does far more and is a good fast rounded package.

From a link on the emsisoft site it says they passed the VB100 test for the first time in Aug 2010. Well, every AV in existence has passed that test from the year dot, so that's not saying anything at all. Dump it and forget it.

  compumac 08:36 25 Aug 2010

I do not think that many on this forum would agree with you in respect of dumping Emsis Antimalware, but we shall see.

  birdface 09:01 25 Aug 2010

The old Norton used to be a nightmare and would conflict with anything.
It has improved a lot since but no idea if there would be any conflicts with the 360 version.
If you have already purchased Norton the best way to find out is to try it.
I Use Emisoft with Microsoft Security essentials and have no problems with that.
I can see there being problems ahead of some sort as the pair clash.
For security of the computer I would Choose Emisoft if you have to make a choice.
From HWJC point of view you would not be able to use Emisoft .Malwarebytes.Superantispyware.or any other Anti-Malware program alongside Norton.
And if that is the case I would remove Norton as it seems it may conflict with other security programs.

  compumac 09:51 25 Aug 2010

Out of interest I have three PC's that are running Emsis Antimalware alongside McAfee Total Protection for some time now and there have been no known conflicts there. Yesterday I formatted a laptop and installed Norton 360 but with no other security software in place as yet. I must say for a Norton product it went in smoothly and does not apear to be so resource hogging as Norton of old. I do create Acronis images before installing new programmes and I will be installing Emsis Antimalware alongside Norton 360 later on today and find out for myself if there are any conflicts, comfortable with the knowledge that I can go back easily.

  birdface 10:06 25 Aug 2010

Yes Norton is getting a better reputation it used to be a bit of a nightmare at one time.
Because of the trouble I had with it years ago it would put me off using it again even if it was free.
Some very good reports about it nowadays and even some of the old diehards that said they would never use it again are using it.
Then again I don't like Security suites I prefer everything single that way you know what to fix if it plays up.
Emisoft have a new tool out now that may come in handy for yourself to help any of your friends that get into trouble.

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It will be interesting to see how you get on with adding Norton.
I would not expect any problems but you never know.

  compumac 11:55 25 Aug 2010

I was/am one of the old diehards.

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